“Aloha” Sneak Peek – Watch First 8 Minutes!

MovieFone exclusively released a sneak peek of “Aloha“. They released the first 8 minutes which gives us a nice glimpse of the movie. The video have been added in our video archive and the link can be found below.

The opening 480 seconds of the romantic comedy introduces us to its three main characters — Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper), Allison Ng (Emma Stone), and Tracy Woodside (Rachel McAdams) — and, in true Cameron Crowe fashion, things get off to a bumpy start with the trio.

From the first seven-plus minutes, “Aloha” delivers Crowe’s signature brand of character-driven moviemaking, with an emphasis on quick wit and clever dialogue, harkening back to a time when smart romantic comedies were all the rage in Hollywood. Now, we’re lucky to get one or two rom-coms a year; take stock in that.

“Aloha,” which also stars Danny McBride, John Krasinski, Alec Baldwin, and Bill Murray, hits theaters May 29th.