Rachel Says #ShellNo To Arctic Drilling

Rachel attended yesterday’s Toast The Coast event in Vancouver alongside actress Jane Fonda to celebrate Canada’s coastline and raising awareness of the environmental issues surrounding oil drilling and pipelines. Greenpeace started the pledge site SaveTheArtic.org and they are aiming for 10.000 pledges. While the main focus of our site is supporting Rachel’s career, we are more than happy to help her raise awareness for this movement. If you want to know more information be sure to head over to SaveTheArtic.org or Greenpace.org. The Time also published an essay by Jane Fonda earlier this month in which she explains why she is saying no to arctic drilling by Shell.

Metro Canada – Hundreds of people gathered at Jericho Beach at dusk on Saturday for Toast the Coast, a Greenpeace event to pay homage to the beautiful shoreline and to oppose oil pipelines and tankers that could put it at risk. Actors Jane Fonda and Rachel McAdams added their star power to the event. Both are opposed to Shell drilling in the Arctic.

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  1. That’s one of the things I admire most in Rachel! This green, right intention, for the world, for the benefit of all. It’s what most delights me in person she is! Congratulations Rachel, for being such amazing and special person!

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