Rachel Covers Stylist UK (July 2015)

Rachel is gracing the cover of the current issue of Stylist UK magazine (July 15, 2015) to promote the release of “Southpaw“. She also discussed “Aloha” and “True Detective“. It features a brand new photoshoot and in-depth interview. We have added the (digital) magazine scans, first photoshoot outtakes and on-set image in our gallery. The interview has been added in our press archive and an excerpt can be found below. Fun fact: Rachel’s make-up for the shoot was done by her sister Kayleen, on request of Rachel herself.

From Mean Girls to True Detective, Rachel McAdams could give a TED talk on how to navigate Hollywood. But it’s her off-screen approach to life that we’d like to emulate.

You can imagine Rachel McAdams living and loving in the Seventies. From the solar panels she is having fitted, to an affinity for backpacking, from the fact that cycling is her default mode of transport to her love of Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, it’s clear she’s a free spirt – albeit a very grounded one – who has rejected many of the traditional trappings of Hollywood.

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The magazine is currently on digital newsstands, so be sure to download your own copy!