“Southpaw” Opening Weekend Box Office Results

Deadline is reporting that “Southpaw” made about $16.2M and the audience gate it an A CinemaScore.

Southpaw, with a budget of $30M, looks to post $16.98M. Weinstein Co. always saw an opening in the mid-teens, and is betting this boxing drama sticks around for the rest of the summer. They’re bound to be correct: Audiences gave Southpaw an A CinemaScore, which is better than what the critics think about it at 59% Rotten. That CinemaScore comes with an average 3.6 multiple. It’s a slightly better start than Jake Gyllenhaal’s solo project Source Code which earned a B, bowed to $14.8M and ultimately made 3.7 times its bow in the end with $54.7M.

The film is hitting various points on social. While the film’s YouTube views are moderate per RelishMix at 35M driven by movie fan channels with FB reach at 132M, it’s getting some extra boost from musical artists Eminem and 50. 50 Cent, who plays Jordan Mains in the film, counts 38M FB likes, 7.7M on Twitter and 5.5M on Instagram. Including Eminem on the Southpaw soundtrack hooks 92M on FB (where he’s the second musician on FB only to Shakira at 101M), 19.6M on Twitter and 4.8M on Instagram. Due to Eminem’s pull on Facebook, trailer views were clocking 500K in a 12 hour period on Thursday. BTS clips and social stills in heavy rotation and a sneak peek video from March with 8M views. Gyllenhaal counts 1.4M on FB.

5). Southpaw (TWC), 2,772 theaters / $6.19M Fri. / 3-day cume: $16.98M / Wk 1

Variety is reporting the following statement of The Weinstein Company:

“Southpaw,” an uplifting boxing drama with Jake Gyllenhaal, did better than expected, potentially setting the $25 million drama up for a healthy run with those moviegoers who have grown weary of dinosaurs and costumed heroes. The picture attracted a diverse crowd that was 24% Latino, 21% African-American and 60% under the age of 35. The film’s star was front and center, doing interviews on everything from “Fresh Air” to “Sports Center,” and fielding questions about the physical transformation he underwent to believably play a fighter.

“Jake was everywhere, and people responded to him,” said Erik Lomis, the Weinstein Company’s distribution chief.

Lomis predicted a long run for “Southpaw,” noting, “It appeals to the people on a mass level and it’s a very satisfying film.”