Recent Photoshoot & Portraits Additions

We continue to catch up with some missing updates. We have added additional outtakes and portrait of recent sessions Rachel did to promote “Southpaw” and “True Detective“. Many thanks to Bubbles from Matt Ryan Daily, Claudia from McDonnell Rule and Luciana from Caitriona Fan for their donations!

4 Comments on “Recent Photoshoot & Portraits Additions”

  1. I loved that Rachel’s photo essay, she is beautiful ! For me it was one of the nicest trials she has ever done !

  2. They can tell when the magazine “LA TIMES ” and ” Stylists ” reach the newsstands ?

  3. @ Carla – Both the LA Times and Stylists have been released on newsstands. The LA Times is a newspaper so it was only one newsstands for one day. Stylists is a weekly magazine, but you can get a free digital edition via their app.

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