“True Detective” Episode 02×07 Screencaptures

The high definition screencaptures of last night’s “True Detective” episode titled Black Maps and Motel Rooms have been added in our gallery. We also added additional production stills in our gallery and replaced previous stills with better quality. We also added the promo for the 90 minutes (!) season finale in our video archive as well as the recap of the previous episode.

2 Comments on ““True Detective” Episode 02×07 Screencaptures”

  1. It is immensely pleasurable ” shut up ” of many who did not believe that Rachel would be wonderful in True Detective . Better still be surprised by this, because it was much better than even I expected. Rachel is acting with such mastery in this series that I can only be proud of her and very happy because my favorite actress is one of today’s best ! Congratulations Rachel , you deserve all the success in the world . Born with a wonderful gift !

  2. Needless to say, these last two episodes touched me in a very strong way !
    I have felt what Ani felt and still feel many times!
    Expression of Rachel in every scene is unbelievably perfect , very real! I know how difficult it is to remember a few things and how difficult it is to trust someone and indulge in some way ! Incredible character , played with full excellence by Rachel !

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