“Doctor Strange” Rumors Round-Up

Latino Review is reporting that Rachel will be playing the Night Nurse Christine Palmer in “Doctor Strange“, however it has not been confirmed (or denied) by Marvel:

According to one of my sources, it turns out that Rachel McAdams won’t be Clea, a love interest for Stephen Strange in the comics. Instead, she’ll be playing Christine Palmer, one of the night shift nurses from Marvel’s “Night Nurse.” We reached out to Marvel regarding this scoop, but have received a “no comment” from them.

Latino Review is also reporting the filming locations for the movie, again this has not been confirmed by Marvel:

We’ve heard the production will be taking over some Pinewood studio soundstages to reproduce parts of New York, Los Angeles, Kathmandu, and Hong Kong. No word as to what time period or feel for any of those places, but those are the locations we know about.

MEW previously reported the London and New York locations with a November 15 start date. The movie is expected to be released on November 4, 2016. Keep in mind that all of these reports aren’t confirmed yet by official sources.