The Wrap “Spotlight” Oscars Feature

The Wrap released their Oscars/Award Season feature on “Spotlight” earlier this week. It features a great new (cover)photoshoot and interview with the cast and the journalist they are portraying, including Rachel alongside Sacha Pfeiffer. Rachel’s co-stars Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery and Brian d’Arcy James alongside the (former) Boston Globe journalists Walter Robinson, Mike Rezendes, Marty Baron, Ben Bradlee Jr. and Matt Carroll joined them. The digital magazine scans, photoshoot outtakes and behind the scenes images are added in our gallery. The article/interview can be found in our press archives and we have added the on-set interviews in our video archive. Screencaptures of the videos can be found in our gallery.

Pfeiffer: I remember our first phone call lasted an hour and a half. And I remember being amazed that you wanted to know everything, physical and psychological. It wasn’t just, “What did you wear, what was your haircut like?” But, “What was your family like, and what did you think, and did you cook dinner with your husband?” I mean, it was everything.

McAdams: And you were so open about everything. I remember calling Tom right before I called you, and I was really nervous, and I said, “Is there anything I shouldn’t ask or anything that’s off limits?” And he said, “No, just go for it.”
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