“Spotlight” Academy Award Nominations Reactions

As we reported earlier this week “Spotlight” received 6 Oscar nominations this week, including a Best Actress In A Supporting Role for Rachel herself. The initial reactions of Rachel and the cast and crew of the movie can be found in our previous post, but the filmmakers released additional statements to the press which we will round-up in this post. Excerpts can be found below. The 88th Academy Awards will be held on February 28, at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

Rachel On Her Nomination: “This is such an incredible honour. I am shocked and delighted, Thank you to Tom, the cast, the entire Spotlight team, especially Sacha Pfeiffer and the Academy. What a tremendous recognition, not just for me but for this important film. Never been so happy to get a call at 6 a.m.!”

Rachel is expected to attend the Critics’ Choice Awards this weekend, alongside Sacha Pfeiffer. She is nominated for 3 Critics’ Choice Awards for her work in both “True Detective” (Best Actress Limited Series) and “Spotlight” (Best Supporting Actress and Best Ensemble)

Rachel’s dad Lance McAdams: “Of course you’re proud and you’re pretty excited for her [Rachel McAdams], but she works so hard on a daily basis on everything she does. So it’s recognition she gets that is well deserved. I don’t think she ever expected it would amount to this. The big story is actually the people who got the story. And I think that’s what Rachel and a few other people think that’s probably where the accolades should go. Those are the people who did all the work. We met some of the staff and reporters from the movie and they’re just lovely people.”

Mark Ruffalo (Co-Star): “I’m very humbled today. I’m incredibly proud of this film and of Tom [McCarthy], my dear friend who has made something that we all are so passionate about. I share this with Rachel [McAdams], the entire cast and the amazing group of journalists who were brave enough to make a difference. A very special thanks to Mike Rezendes who opened his work and his life to me. And Michael [Keaton], Liev [Schreiber], Brian [d’Arcy James], John [Slattery], Stanley [Tucci], … these are actors I have admired throughout my entire career, and I feel honored to have told this special story with them. This film is very important to me, and is even more important to journalism.”

Josh Singer (Screenplay): “To have Mark [Ruffalo] and Rachel [McAdams] as the head of that class, nominated… Mark was the first guy to sign on board and the first guy to say, “This is an important movie.” And we built the movie around him and he’s wonderful, and he’s a lovely human and he’s doing such great work. And Rachel, too – Rachel’s work is incredibly subtle, right? And it’s incredibly refined.”

Josh Singer (Screenplay): “My wife and I got up for [the announcement] and we were texting with [director] Tom [McCarthy]. It was really thrilling. The entire cast is so great. Everyone across the board did such a great job. The performances are subtle. It’s particularly exciting that Mark [Ruffalo] got a nomination. He’s not only so great in the movie, but he’s a wonderful, wonderful guy so you just love to see that. And with Rachel [McAdams], her work is so subtle and so strong. Above all, what’s incredibly exciting about these nominations is hopefully it gets people out there to see the movie and gets people talking about the issues we’re tackling here.”

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  1. I am so incredibly happy for her and for this! Rachel is one of the biggest talents, she is different in every role and still different when she is just herself and that’s something not many actors can do. This is definitely deserved and it was on time. I saw the movie and she was outstanding as well as Mark, I am very happy for both of them <3

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