88th Annual Academy Awards

Rachel attended the 88th Annual Academy Awards last night. She was one of the presenters of the night and presented the Best Cinematography award to Emmanuel Lubezki, with whom she worked on “To The Wonder“, alongside actor Michael B. Jordan. She brought her mother Sandra as her red carpet date. Rachel is wearing a August Getty dress, Niwaka jewels, and Stuart Weitzman shoes. “Spotlight” was nominated for 6 awards and took home Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. Congratulations to the cast & crew! Rachel was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the movie, but lost the award to Alicia Vikander. The first batch with high quality images have been added in our gallery, but we expect more additions later on so be sure to come back later.

3 Comments on “88th Annual Academy Awards”

  1. Do you have any pics of her pink afterparty dress? I spotted her parents, Daniel, Kayleen, Evan. Who doesn’t love the McAdams family?!

  2. Got to spend a day on set acting with Rachel in Spotlight as Principal Kemeza.
    Was blown away with how great she is as an actor. Please let her know.
    what all the talk about the dress and such, to a fellow actor in the biz for 30 plus years – she’s great tot do scene with.

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