Rachel Collaborates With Artist Daniel Romano

We first reported this news on our twitter news back in March, but now finally more information has become available. Rachel will be featured on Daniel Romano’s upcoming album “Mosey“. Romano is a Canadian musician. Rolling Stone is reporting that Rachel will be featured on the third song of the album, titled “Toulouse“. Daniel Romano recently spoke to Kreative Kontrol (distributed by audioBoom) and revealed Rachel a special guest on his song and is ‘essentially playing a role’. We have added the audio of Romano’s interview our audio archive. Romano’s interview also included a preview of “Toulouse“, which you can find after the jump.

Romano On Working With Rachel: “The song basically called for it [a collaboration]. Once it was written it was a two-character type song and it felt like a character that could go beyond a vocal performance. Something that needed more feeling than just signing. I have known Rachel for a little while, almost 3 years now, and it just seemed like the right fit. She’s an incredible actor. She’s the best […] and she was totally game right off the bat and just killed it and destroyed it. It virtually took 10 minutes, the whole thing.”
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Romano also revealed that throughout the record Rachel’s laughter is used to ‘tie the record together’. Daniel Romano’s album “Mosey” will be available on May 27 and will start his European Tour later this month. For more information about Romano, be sure to head over to his official website. In other possible related news: Rachel was spotted on-set of a music video this last weekend in Canada. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it seems likely it’s related to her collaboration with Daniel Romano.