“Sonic Sea” Petition: #StopOceanNoise Movement

“I feel like [ocean noise pollution] is something people should know about. And there really are ways of improving the situation. It’s fairly dire”
Rachel McAdams, “Sonic Sea” New York Screening May 2016

We hope everyone tuned in for the premiere of “Sonic Sea” earlier this week on Discovery Channel (US). Rachel narrated the documentary about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution. It’s currently still available for (select) cable subscribers via Discovery GO. We highly recommend everyone to see the documentary. Right now there are 3 things we can do to help reduce ocean noise:

  • #1 Spread the word – Many people don’t know ocean noise pollution is a big problem! You can use the #StopOceanNoise and #SonicSea hashtags on social media to spread the word.
  • #2 Stay informed – Watch “Sonic Sea” and visit SonicSea.org for additional information. The documentary is currently touring around the world, for more information about the screenings and how to host a screening yourself be sure to head over to the official website. You can follow the social media accounts: Twitter @SonicSeaFilm, Instagram @SonicSeaFilm and Facebook.com/SonicSeafilm.
  • #3 Demand Change – Ask the white house to champion noise management efforts. Go to Discovery.com/OceanNoisePollution to sign the petition and be sure to spread the word about it. It takes less than a minute to sign the petition and you only need an e-mail address.
  • The Ocean Noise Pollution petition needs 100,000 signatures by June 15, 2016 to get a response from the White House. It is created in associated with NRDC, IFAW, and Discovery which are all associated with the “Sonic Sea” documentary.