“My Name Is Tanino” DVD Screencaptures

We have a real treat for you today: We have added the DVD screencaptures of Rachel’s first movie in our gallery. Rachel co-starred in the Italian comedy “My Name Tanino“, which was released in 2002. The movie was directed by Paolo Virzì and Rachel co-stars as Sally Garfield alongside Corrado Fortuna. Keep in mind that these screencaptures are NSFW, because they contain some nudity. We also came across new additional on-set images, which we added in our gallery. Fun fact #1: Rachel speaks Italian for most part of the movie, but she had to memorize her lines phonetically because she doesn’t speak Italian. Rachel recalls her experience filming back in 2009 while appearing on The Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel. Fun fact #2: Part of the movie was filmed on location in Italy, and Rachel took her first plane flight ever to fly to Italy to film the movie.

Fortuna recently talked about working with Rachel and her Oscar nomination. He says he is not surprised Rachel has received an Oscar nomination because saw she would become a (movie)star fifteen years ago. You can find the entire excerpt after the jump.

The excerpt below has been translate via Google Translate, so it’s a loose translation.

Fifteen years have passed from since the release of “My Name is Tanino”. What are your memories of the movie and working with Rachel McAdams, who made her debut in the movie just like you? Did you expect that she could become one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood and that she would receive an Oscar nomination?
First of all, I had never seen a film camera and a director in my life. I had never met an actor. I found myself catapulted into a universe of American and Canadian professionals, and I was genuinely shocked. I was a 23 year old film student, but did not know what it meant to be an actor. I was in an amusement park. When I read the script, of course, I immediately identified myself with the character: a Sicilian guy, simple and a cinephile, who falls in love with an American girl. And that was exactly what happened to me when I saw Rachel McAdams for the first time. I began to stutter. There was no need for any Stanislavski method: off set I was Tanino. Today it is absurd to think that this was the first film of Rachel. Look what happened to her, and then look what happened to me. I’m not surprised that she has been nominated for an Oscar. Fifteen years ago I saw she would become a (movie)star, even though she also just started just like me. As you can imagine, we lost touch, but while filming we become good friends. I must be honest: all those who have worked in “My Name is Tanino” were linked by a kind of invisible thread. We missed the Cecchi Gori in the middle of shooting. It was a movie that had many stops and various production problems and, paradoxically, this thing united all those who found themselves involved in the processing. Today I remember it as exhausting experience, magical and surreal misadventures were “taninesche” on and off the set, in all respects.