Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is a very special day, because Rachel turns 38! Happy Birthday Rachel! We, on behave of the our site and all her fans, would like to wish Rachel a very happy birthday. We hope she will have a good day celebrating with her friends and family. Rachel is not on social media but feel free to write down your birthday message in the comments.

We always try to do something special to celebrate, and this year we would like to put a spotlight on 3 organizations – NRDC, Greenpeace and Investigative Journalism – that Rachel has supported over the years, because we feel like supporting these causes is now more needed than ever. We have an overview of after the jump and we would like everyone to consider making a (small) donation to support the organizations and celebrate Rachel’s birthday!

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

NRDC is a non-profit international environmental advocacy organization. According to their official website, NRDC “works to safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.” You are able to make a donation in Rachel’s name by going to NRDCGreenGifts.org. They offer donatings “In Honor” of someone special, more information can be found here. More general information about donating in Rachel’s name can be found below.

Rachel’s involvement: Rachel has been actively involved in projects supporting the environment since the beginning of her career. She cofounded the eco-friendly website GreenIsSexy.org in 2007 and she told Green Living in 2008 that she’s “very passionate about environmentalism”. More recently Rachel narrated the documentary “Sonic Sea” about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution. The documentary was produced by NRDC. Rachel joined NRDC in their (online) campaign to urge to protect to protect our coasts from oil and gas drilling.

Official Website | Donation Info Page | Donation Page | Donation In Honor Of

I do what I can to look after the environment by riding my bike, having renawble energy in my house and supporting clean-drinking-water initiatives in developing countries – I believe that it’s all extremely important for our future.
Rachel McAdams, Cosmopolitan UK


Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation. Their mission is to “change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment”. You are able to make a donation “In Honor Of” by going to this donation page. You are only able to to send an e-card when you send a donation in someone’s honor.

Rachel’s involvement: As we mentioned above, Rachel has been actively involved in projects supporting the environment since the beginning of her career. She collaborated on Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic Campaign and lend her voice to one of the TV spots. She also joined Jane Fonda at the Greenpeace rally Toast The Coast event in Vancouver last year.

Official Website | Donation Page (International) | Donation Page (US)

I think really hard-nosed investigative journalism is a dying art form. I try to chase it as best I can.
Rachel McAdams, Hello! Canada

Support Your (Local) Newspaper

As Sacha Pfeiffer, she’s journalist who Rachel’s portrayed in “Spotlight“, recently wrote “newspapers are needed now more than ever”. You can support (investigative) journalism by subscribing to your (local) newspaper. We especially want to put a spotlight on (no pun intended) subscribing to the Boston Globe and support their Spotlight Team.

While Rachel has not directly supported this organization, we wanted to recommend considering donating to ProPublica. ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. ProPublica “focuses exclusively on truly important stories, stories with ‘moral force'”, according to their official website. You can make a donation in honor of Rachel. First you can donate via their donation page, and then you can contact heather.troup@propublica.org with the name and contact information for the individual being honored. More general information about donating in Rachel’s name can be found below.

Rachel’s involvement: During the “Spotlight” press tour Rachel and the cast and crew all spoke out about the importance of (investigative) journalism. Rachel called journalist “unsung heroes” and said that “they keep institutions on their toes and keep people accountable.” Further, director Tom McCarthy underlined the importance of investigative journalism, while Sacha Pfeiffer expressed that she hoped “this movie [Spotlight] reminds people of how important investigative journalism is, and why it’s important to buy a newspaper.”

Official Website | Donation Page

Donating In Rachel’s Name

The organizations mentioned above allow you to make a donation in honor of Rachel/in Rachel’s name. This means you are able to make a donation in honor and as tribute to Rachel. Some organizations ask for the contact information of the person, so that they are able to let the person, in our case Rachel, know a donation has been made in honor of them. We recommend using the following (fanmail) adres:

Rachel McAdams
Magnolia Entertainment
9595 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 601.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2506
United States

We know people have been successful sending fanmail to this adres. We recommend using this adres as contact information for the person being honored, in our case Rachel. This way, Rachel will (hopefully) receive postal card messages from above organizations that will confirm a donation has been made in honor of her.

What better way to celebrate Rachel’s birthday, then to make a donation in honor of her to organizations close to Rachel’s heart and that need our support now more than ever? As the organizations mention themselves, every donation counts.

Rachel also supports …
While we wanted to put a spotlight on the organizations mentioned above, we also wanted to highlight the following organizations that Rachel has supported over the years:
Habitat for Humanity. Rachel has volunteered for this organization, alongside her family in 2013.
NDACT and their Food & Water First pledge. Rachel took part in the Food & Water First promotional videos in 2013.
Nanny Angel Network. The Nanny Angel Network was Rachel’s charity of choice during the 2015 CIBC Miracle Day.

You can find the latest news on causes Rachel supports by checking out our news feed.

Rachel McAdams Online/Rachel-McAdams.net is a non-profit fansite dedicated to Rachel McAdams. We have no affiliation with Ms. McAdams herself, her management/agency, co-workers, family or anyone else around her. We made this post with aim to show support to causes/organizations that Ms. McAdams has publicly supported (based on interviews and other press coverage) in the past. However, we can not guarantee that Ms. McAdams supports or still supports the above mentioned organizations. Nor can we guarantee that Ms. McAdams will personally receive the messages of donations being made in her honor.

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