“Mean Girls” For Las Vegas

On Tuesday it as October 3rd which has been referred to as #MeanGirlsDay because of one of the jokes in the movie (this one to be exact). “Mean Girls” has been a fan favorite movie and part of the cast reunited this year to ask the fans of the movie to consider donating to Mean Girls for Las Vegas. A Go Fund Me page has been set up and all funds raised will be distributed to the victims of Las Vegas. Rachel is not part of the videos uploaded on the page (thus far), but we wanted to highlight this initiative because we think it’s a great way of the cast to reunite and give back. For more information, be sure to head over to GoFunMe.com/october3!

The cast of Mean Girls is teaming up this October 3rd to do some good. We’re asking for just $3 to hit a $300,000 goal. We are working directly with the National Compassion Fund, a program in the National Center for Victims of Crime. This organization collected and distributed funds to victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Aurora shooting, and even 9/11.

100% of funds raised will be distributed to the victims of Las Vegas through the NCF at the completion of this campaign. Do something grool today. Let’s hit this goal together. We might not make fetch happen, but we can make this happen.

The original videos can be found after the jump.