“Slings & Arrows” Available For Streaming On Encore+

The first season of “Slings & Arrows” is currently available for streaming on Encore+. Streaming is free (!) and it’s a collaboration with Canada Media Fund so the streaming is official (and thus legal). We highly recommend everyone to stream and watch this series as it is still one of our favorite projects of Rachel to date. Rachel stars in the first season of the Canadian series alongside Paul Gross, Martha Burns, Luke Kirby, Don McKellar, & Mark McKinney. We have embed the first episode below/after the jump, but be sure to head over to Encore+ to find the playlist of the first season of the series. For in-depth information about the series be sure to head over to our information page. The prequel to the series is currently in development, as we previously reported, with the creators aiming to bring back (part of) the original cast. Fun fact: While promoting “The Vow” back in 2012, Rachel stopped by Live with Kelly! with actor Daniel Radcliffe as cohost and he revealed he is a fan of the series calling it an “amazing show.”