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To The Wonder, written and directed by Terrence Malick, is a romantic drama centered on Neil, a man who is torn between two loves: Marina, the European woman who came to United States to be with him, and Jane, the old flame he reconnects with from his hometown. In TO THE WONDER, Malick explores how love and its many phases and seasons – passion, sympathy, obligation, sorrow, indecision – can transform, destroy, and reinvent lives.

After visiting Mont Saint-Michel — once known in France as the Wonder — at the height of their love, Marina (Olga Kurylenko) and Neil (Ben Affleck) come to Oklahoma, where problems soon arise. Marina makes the acquaintance of a priest and fellow exile (Javier Bardem), who is struggling with his vocation, while Neil renews his ties with a childhood friend, Jane (Rachel McAdams). An exploration of love in its many forms.


Alternative Title: Untitled Terrence Malick
Directed by: Terrence Malick
Written by: Terrence Malick
Production Status: Waiting for theatrical release
World Premiere: September 2, 2012 during the Venice Film Festival
Theatrical Release: February 22, 2013 (UK) | April 12, 2013 (US)
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rated: R for for some sexuality/nudity.
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures
Cast: Javier Bardem (Father Quintana), Ben Affleck (Neil), Olga Kurylenko (Marina)
Producers: Glen Basner, Charley Beil, Nicolas Gonda, Hans Graffunder, Sarah Green, Jason Krigsfeld, Joseph Krigsfeld, Morgan Pollitt, Tyler Savage, Sandhya Shardanand
Production budget: n/a

Note: More content will be added in the future, since this production is still in post-production

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Production Process

Terrence Malick is a notoriously secretive, fiercely press-shy filmmaker who has always kept a tight lid on his projects. Therefore only one on set photo was released so far. Rachel did confirm she filmed for the project in Oklahoma in October/November 2010. She returned for (re-)shoots and shooting of additional scenes in March 2011 in Oklahoma. Ben Affleck and Olga Kurylenko were seen filming in Paris in May 2011, no confirmation (yet) if Rachel was there as well.

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Triva & Facts

• The rumored title was “The Burial” and the movie was also known as “Project B”.
• Rachel drove, by herself to Oklahoma for the shooting of this movie. She wanted to drove back to Canada but she had to do promotion for “Morning Glory” so there was no time to do so.
• Rachel worked with the male lead Ben Affleck before in “State Of Play“.
• “To The Wonder” was selected for Venice Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival in 2012.

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Character Quotes

Jane: “I’ve been waiting for you. Do you want this? ”

Jane: “What we had was nothing. You made it into nothing.”

Quotes from Rachel

“We spent a fair amount of time together before we got started. I got to know the town we were shooting in, as though I had lived there. There’s great preparation involved with him [director Terrence Malick].”
-On the preparation (Collider)

“He was wonderful and so inspiring. He has a very different way of working and I think it really services a real honesty and beauty in his films. It was a great experience, as an actor. You have to be very honest and very vulnerable, and take a leap and just hope someone will catch you, and he does. You can just let yourself go and let him take you where he’s going to take you, and trust that it will be interesting and compelling. You don’t have to do a lot, in a weird way. It was a great experience.”
-On working with director Terrence Malick (Collider)

“It was great working with Terrence Malick recently. He took me around a town where my character would have lived and pointed out, “Perhaps you grew up in that house, and your dad worked at that building, and you went to that school.” I found it incredibly helpful.”
-On working with director Terrence Malick (Elle)

“You don’t know [what the movie will be like] with Terry. He really creates a family. The crews are very small, intimate. All I can say is, it was a very satisfying unique way of shooting. And [the film] will probably be very beautiful.”
-On working with director Terrence Malick (Elle)

“It was shot in Oklahoma and we were there with the wild horses and buffalo. It’s been a great year; I’m very lucky. I have no complaints.”
-On filming untitled Terrence Malick project (Sydney Morning Herald)

“We finished The Vow that was after Midnight In Paris and then I went and did a Terrence Malick film after that. [It is] still untitled. I’ll find out when I see the film, but it’s a romance as far as I can tell. It’s a bit of a triangle between Ben Affleck’s character and Olga and myself.”
-On the untitled Terrence Malick project (Tonight at the Movies)

“Wonderful, so inspiring. It’s a very different way of working. I think it really services a real honesty and beauty in his films, and it was a great experience as an actor. Because, you have to be very honest, very vulnerable, take a leap and just hope someone will catch you and he does. Again, same thing with Woody, you can sort of just let yourself go and let them take you where they are going to take you, and trust that it will be interesting and compelling. You don’t have to do a lot in a weird way. Both great experiences.”
-On working with Terrence Malick (Tonight at the Movies)

“But he’s a very open, warm person. We spent a fair amount of time together before we got started. I got to know the town we were shooting in, as though I had lived there. There is great preparation involved with him.”
-On director Terrence Malick (Tonight at the Movies)

Quotes from Cast & Crew

Not yet available

Critical Reception

“Neil then rekindles a romance with Jane (a never-better Rachel McAdams), a sylph-like rancher who may have been his childhood sweetheart.”
Robbie Collin (Telegraph UK)

“McAdams has the least to do of the principals, but is wonderfully haunted and sad in her brief appearances.”
Oliver Lyttelton (IndieWire)

“Kurylenko moves with balletic grace while Rachel McAdams registers strongly as a woman living on a ranch who has a fling with Affleck.”
Geofrey MacNab (Independent)

“He (Terrence Malick) is assisted by dedicated acting, a plangent musical score and cinematography that helps to expresses his fervent desire to push us towards some sort of religious conviction within a world that would otherwise be meaningless.”
Derek Malcolm (Standard)

“The film comes to life when McAdams appears on the screen; she oozes with vulnerability. The film takes on an importance, and what happens palpably matters. In just one of the film’s enduring images, the honey-blond McAdams saunters in a golden wheat field, shot probably during sunrise, in a rich scarlet dress. She’s given the full goddess treatment. Sadly, she’s only in the film for 15 minutes.”
Kent Turner (Film Forward)

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