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Issue: November, 2005
Pages: 3 pages (including cover)
Editorial: 3 Outtakes
Country: United States
Language: English
Other Languages: n/a
Title: Swing Kid

Studio Session

Date: 2005
Photographer: Tom Munro
Stylist: George Cortina

Wedding Crashers eye candy Rachel McAdams is tired of playing the good girl. Rachel McAdams has had it with grand romantic gestures, onscreen and off. After The Notebook, she’s finished with Romeos who send daily love letters. After Wedding Crashers, she’s over Lotharios who interrupt “I do’s” to declare undying love and an end to their rakish days. It’s not that she’s above obsessive behavior. » Read full interview

Magazine Scans

Studio Session


• It was the first time Rachel worked with photographer Tom Munro, she worked with him five years later for Vogue Italia.