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Issue: April, 2007
Pages: 10 pages (including cover)
Editorial: 9 Outtakes
Country: United States
Language: English
Other Languages: n/a
Title: Next Stop Wonderland

Studio Session

Date: January 2007, Paris
Photographer: Gilles Bensimon
Hair Stylist: Michael Aleman
Stylist: Isabel Dupré
Makeup Artist: Thierry Mauduit
Manicurist: Odile Sibuet

We whisk Rachel McAdams off to Paris for some haute couture dress-up. The art deco labyrinth of the Los Angeles Public Library is her home away from home. Beyond the high metal gates, past the Children’s Courtyard with its lotus flower fountain and bas-reliefs of Robin Hood, the Cat and the Fiddle, Ali Baba, Alice and the Queen of Hearts…through the Egyptian-inspired doors, up one worn marble staircase, down another, along the Ivanhoe friezes, across the atrium, beneath the light of the enormous cast-bronze globe chandelier ringed by the zodiac, Rachel McAdams sits on a bench writing in a spiral notebook, looking much more Alice in Wonderland than Hollywood movie star. » Read full interview

Magazine Scans

Studio Session


• It was the first time Rachel visited Paris, during her visit for the photo shoot she attended the Chanel, Valentino and Armani fashion show.
• Rachel’s sister Kayleen came along to Paris and they toured together through the city.
• The interview for the magazine took place before the Paris trip.