Interview – July 2005

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Issue: July, 2005
Pages: 7 pages (including cover)
Editorial: 4 Outtakes
Country: United States
Language: English
Other Languages: n/a
Title: Rachel McAdams by Owen Wilson

Studio Session

Date: 2005, New York
Photographer: Max Vadukul
Hair Stylist: Adam Bryant
Makeup Artist: Christian McCulloch, Tum Howard
Set design: Chad Dziewior

Rachel McAdams. She’s nobody’s next big thinks – when you’re this timelessly gorgeous, limitlessly talented, and crashing into theaters at breakneck speed, you’re just it. With the 2004 out-of-left-field hits Mean Girls and The Notebook, the relatively unknown Rachel McAdams burst onto the scene, delivering a one-two punch by portraying utterly opposite characters with startling talent, humor, and grace. » Read full interview

Magazine Scans

Studio Session


• Co-star Owen Wilson interviewed Rachel for her interview with Interview (Magazine).
• It was the first time Rachel worked with photographer Max Vadukul .