Episode 1.02 Geoffrey Returns

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Geoffrey returns to New Burbage, for Oliver’s funeral while the festival’s business manager Richard Smith-Jones aided by American Holly Day scrambles to assume control. Geoffrey is surprised by a letter containing Oliver’s last request. Meanwhile aspiring actress Kate McNab sneaks off to Toronto for a commercial audition and makes an unsuspected connection on the bus ride home.


Directed by: Peter Wellington
Written by: Susan Coyne, Bob Martin, Mark McKinney
Original Air Date: November 10, 2003

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Character Quotes

Jack: You’re an actress?
Claire: Well, I’m just an apprentice. It’s my first year. I just play maids and fairies.

Claire: What do you do?
Jack: I’m a movie star
Claire: Aren’t we all?

Claire: Oh, excuse me, but where is everybody?
Nahum: No show tonight. Canceled.
Claire: But I’m only half an hour late, and I’m just third fairy!

Nahum: Oliver Welles, he died last night.
Claire: So I’m not fired?

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