Episode 1.03 Madness in Great Ones

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Having been named interim creative director of the festival, Geoffrey wisely cedes directing the festival’s new production of Hamlet to a visiting director, but is distressed when the board chooses his long-time nemesis Darren Nichols. Richard and Holly decamp to Toronto for an evening of “real theater” as a break from New Burbage. Kate and visiting movie star Jack get closer.


Directed by: Peter Wellington
Written by: Susan Coyne, Bob Martin, Mark McKinney
Original Air Date: November 17, 2003

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Character Quotes

Kate: You look like a Hallmark baby.

Kate: You know, “Hamlet” is set in Denmark, so maybe you should look for Danish accent tapes.

Claire: You’re supposed to pinch your understudy so that no misfortune happen to me.
Kate: Well, that’s a really stupid superstition.

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