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“Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” Trailer gets Rated + SH1 Update

The first trailer for “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” was recently rated (June 27th, 2011) and got a PG rating and the running time will be 2:16. It’s most likely the trailer will be released soon, and we have the feeling it could be attached to “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” which will hit theaters July 15th.

We also added a lot of additions to the “Sherlock Holmes” gallery section, thanks so Downey Unlimited. We added more production stills, two new promo photoshoots and official behind the scenes photos.

Collider Interview – Talking about Upcoming Projects

Collider sat down with Rachel yesterday during the first day of press to talk about “Midnight in Paris“. Today they already published a part of the interview were Rachel was talking about her upcoming projects. She officially confirmed her cameo in “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows“, and even confirmed she did some filming in London as well – we already saw set photos of her in Strasbourg – she also talks about “The Vow” and the Terrence Malick project.

Was it fun to get to play Irene Adler again? Were there things about her that you wanted to explore a little more?
McAdams: Yeah. I just have a small cameo in this one, but it was nice to revisit. It’s why I’ve always thought I would like to do television. You get really intimate with your character. Often with film, I find that you’re just really getting to know a person. They’re just starting to sink in, and then you wrap the film. So, it was nice to get to bring her back and have time to meditate on her a bit more. I liked that exercise.

Is The Vow your next film?
McAdams: We finished The Vow after Midnight in Paris, and then I went and did a Terrence Malick film after that.

What was Terrence Malick like to work with?
McAdams: He was wonderful and so inspiring. He has a very different way of working and I think it really services a real honesty and beauty in his films. It was a great experience, as an actor. You have to be very honest and very vulnerable, and take a leap and just hope someone will catch you, and he does. You can just let yourself go and let him take you where he’s going to take you, and trust that it will be interesting and compelling. You don’t have to do a lot, in a weird way. It was a great experience.
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‘Sherlock Homes 2’ gets Subtitle

Just hours after we made the additions to the press conference of “Sherlock Holmes” of December 2009 Warner Bros. announced the official (sub)title for the second Sherlock Holmes. The official title will be “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” according to EOnline UK. Rachel will make a cameo as Irene Adler in the beginning of the film.

Warner Bros. Confirms Sherlock Holmes Cameo

Warner Bros. confirmed Rachel’s cameo in “Sherlock Holmes 2” as Irene Adler to Entertainment Weekly. Read the article below:

Warner Bros. confirms to EW what those of you who’ve seen the French video circulating online today with images from the set of the studio’s Sherlock Holmes sequel have already figured out: Rachel McAdams will return for a cameo in the follow-up to the 2009 holiday season hit.

No details were provided on what McAdams’ character Irene Adler is up to in the film.


Rachel was seen on set of “Sherlock Holmes 2”

After getting the best news yesterday, the fact that “Midnight in Paris” is going to be the opening film for Cannes this year, we have even more exciting news for you today. Rachel was seen on set of Sherlock Holmes 2 after months of rumors and speculations. During the “Morning Glory” Press tour she admitted it was not sure she would return for the sequel and if she did return it would only be a cameo or a small part.

But now it’s official. Rachel was seen yesterday (February 2nd) with Guy Richie on set in Strasbourg (France). Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law were also seen on set. Since the filming for the squeal is coming to an end it’s most likely Rachel will make a cameo, like she said, as Irene in the film. But it’s still exciting since she was amazing in the first “Sherlock Holmes“.

We added a few set photos, including a close up of Rachel with Guy Richie, in our gallery. You can watch a new segment of the local Strasbourg television about the filming of “Sherlock Holmes 2” in Strasbourg.

Update: We added another photo of Rachel on set. According to multiple new sources they are shooting the opening scene(s) in Strasbourg. Jude Law was not seen on set but Robert Downey Jr. was. It sounds like Rachel will make a cameo in the opening scene, maybe she will appear in the opening scene but nothing is confirmed.

Update: Due to copyright infringement we had to remove the photo of Rachel with Guy Richie on set of Sherlock Holmes.

‘Sherlock Holmes 2’ Official Release Date

Thanks to SpoilerTV we now know that the official release date of Sherlock Holmes 2 will be December 16th, 2011. Make sure you mark your calendars!

Sherlock Holmes 2: Rachel will Return!

Rachel will return for ‘Sherlock Holmes 2‘ but not as a lead according to

Rachel McAdams will return, but …
If he’s planning to shoot in the fall, Silver will have to cast his Moriarty soon. Downey is back as Holmes, and Jude Law returns as Dr. Watson. Silver even said that McAdams would reappear but that she wouldn’t be the leading lady this time.

“She’ll be present,” was all Silver would say.

The start of shooting is not that far away.
First off, Silver thinks it will be ready to shoot before the end of this year. “We’ll start shooting in the fall and coming out maybe the following year,” Silver said on May 22 in Hollywood.

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