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RIP Sam Shepard (1943-2017)

RIP Sam Shepard (1943-2017)

Academy Award and Tony Nominated actor Sam Shepard passed away on Thursday, according to Variety. Shepard was an acclaimed actor, director and playwriter. We want to give our sincere condolences to his loved ones during this difficult time. Rachel worked with Shepard on “The Notebook” (2004). The movie was filmed in 2002-2003 and was directed by Nick Cassavetes. In 2004 Shepard attended the premiere of movie in Los Angeles and other guests included Rachel, Cassavetes and costars Gena Rowlands and Ryan Gosling. While promoting the movie in 2004, Rachel told the Toronto Star that she loved working with Shepard (“He’s so himself. There is no pretence. He is calm and cool and easy.”) She also revealed an on-set anecdote about filming a scene in which they had had to eat pancakes: “He [Shepard] and Ryan [Gosling] didn’t want to eat the pancakes. Ryan started shoveling them but I was more than happy to eat them.” Rachel also seems to have a personal connection to Shepard’s work. She studied his work while attending York University, where she got a degree in Drama in 2001. She revealed to The Post in 2004: “It was very intimidating at first. I mean, I studied Sam Shepard’s plays at the university, studied his lectures. To suddenly be on the same film [The Notebook] with him was amazing.” Additionally, Rachel’s Theatre Professor Peter McKinnon remembered Rachel doing a project on Sherpard: “I remember her [Rachel McAdams] project on Sam Shepard’s play Buried Child was one of the best I’ve ever received in my teaching career. She got an A in the course (x).” Shepard won a Pulitzer prize for his playwriting work.
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“The Notebook” Gallery Update

We continue working on our gallery. Today brings you a fan favorite movie: the Nicolas Sparks adaptation of “The Notebook“. Rachel stars alongside Ryan Gosling and the movie is directed by Nick Cassavetes. The Blu-Ray screencaptures of the movie have been added in our gallery and we replaced most of the production and promotional material with better quality. The digital HD screencaptures of the extras are also added in our gallery.

“The Notebook” 10 Year Anniversary

It’s a special day today because exactly 10 years ago “The Notebook” was released in theaters in the US on June 25, 2004. Many news sources and media outlets made special posts to celebrate and we will round up our favorites in this post.

Entertainment Tonight: WCW: What You Didn’t Know About Rachel McAdams’ Role in ‘The Notebook’

Today marks the 10th anniversary of The Notebook, so it’s only fitting on this Woman Crush Wednesday that we celebrate the star of the film: Rachel McAdams!
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New (Old) “The Notebook” Press Junket Interview

Entertainment Tonight released their interview with Rachel and Ryan Gosling during a press junket for “The Notebook” back in 2004 in honor of Valentine’s Day earlier this week. They aired the interview in 2004 when the movie came out but we are sure it’s a unseen interview for most people. We added the interview in our media archive.

ABC Family will air Special Edition from “The Notebook”

ABC Family will air a world exclusive special edition from “The Notebook” tonight (November 11) at 8/7c. The special edition will feature the deleted scenes, which are only featured on the DVD/Blu-Ray, which means they edited in 10 minutes into the original movie. Be sure to tune in tonight! You can watch the promo for the special on

Press Conference Additions

We recently came across new photos of Rachel during various press conference. We added them all in our gallery, some of her expressions are adorable! The previews and links can be found below:

Tatum, Palmer and Wahlberg pick ‘The Notebook’

First of all: Happy Valetine’s Day. Nextmovie asked favorite romantic movies in recent interviews with actors in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and Rachel co-star “The Vow” Channing Tatum, Teresa Palmer and Mark Wahlberg picked “The Notebook” as their favorite. They also praise Rachel & Ryan Gosling, the director and the movie itself.

Nextmovie also picked “The Notebook” as most Romantic Movies Ever … This Millennium as number #5. Are you going to watch “The Notebook” for Valentine’s day?

Channing Tatum (Step Up, Dear John)
“Animal movies I love, but, look, Nicholas Sparks and ‘The Notebook.’ Every damn time.”

“Every time, my wife looks up at me like, ‘Promise we’re going to die together the same day.’ I’m like I don’t want to talk about how we’re going to die. Check that for a second and let’s talk about how we’re going to live and then when were 80, we can worry about it then. Right now, we’ve got 50 more years.”

Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four, December Boys)
“I love ‘The Notebook‘ so much. The music, the performances, the story, them dying together at the same time… nothing could really beat that in my eyes.”

“My mom every year buys me ‘Notebook’ memorabilia every year for Christmas.”

“It is definitely [a movie] I feel totally connected to. It’s a period piece, and I would love to be in film like that. Also, I’m a huge fan of Rachel McAdams. She’s one of my girl crushes.”

Mark Wahlberg (The Figther, The Lovely Bones)
“My favorite romantic movie of recent times is definitely ‘The Notebook.’”

“It’s just a great love story with a great script, great direction and great acting. Everything about it is top-notch. It’s one of those rare romantic movies that you can watch again and again”.

“Plus, my wife liked that one, so that basically moves it to the top no matter what.”


The Notebook Kiss is a Classic one

The kiss of Rachel and Ryan Gosling in “The Notebook” is named one of the Classis Movie Kisses of all time by LA Times. The kiss in “The Notebook” is number #46. You can see the full list here and be sure to watch the kiss of “The Notebook” back in our media archive.