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Reminder: “To The Wonder” Available on DVD/Blu-Ray NOW!

To The Wonder” is available on DVD and Blu-ray in the U.S. and Canada starting today. The special features are: The Making of To The Wonder, The Actors’ Experience, The Ballet, Local Flavor and the Theatrical Trailer. You can buy your own copy of the DVD or Blu-Ray on We already added the HD screen captures in our gallery, be sure to check out our previous post in case you missed it.

“To The Wonder” HD Screen Captures

The high definition screen captures of Rachel in “To The Wonder” are added in our gallery. Rachel only has a supporting role – about 15 minutes of screen time – in the film directed and written by acclaimed director Terrence Malick but I still think this is one of my favorite performances of her so far. Be aware that it’s a R-rated movie and a few captures are NSFW.

The movie still playing in selected theaters in the U.S. and is also available on VOD.

“To The Wonder” Additional Stills

Even more production stills of “To The Wonder” were released over the last few weeks of “To The Wonder and they are all in our gallery. We would also like to remind you that the Blu Ray and DVD is released in the U.K. today.

Additional “To The Wonder” Stills

More additional “To The Wonder” production stills and official on set stills are added in our gallery. The movie is still playing in selected theaters in the U.S. and is expected to be released in many European and Asian countries in the coming months.

“To the Wonder” Blu-Ray Release Dates

The “To The Wonder” DVD/Blu-Ray release dates for the U.S., U.K. and France are announced. Magnolia Pictures is expected to release the DVD/Blu-Ray on August 6 in the U.S., StudioCanal on June 17 in the U.K. and Metropolitan on July 6 in France. StudioCanal has announced that the DVD/Blu-Ray will feature two features in the U.K.:

StudioCanal have revealed that they are planning to release on Blu-ray director Terrence Malick’s latest film, To The Wonder (2012), starring Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurylenko, Ben Affleck, and Javier Bardem. The preliminary release date set by StudioCanal is June 17th.

Special Features:
Making Of
Interview with Olga Kurylenko

Magnolia Pictures has not yet announced the special features for the U.S. release. For more additional information be sure to head over to! Thanks to Scott for the heads up.

New “To The Wonder” Movie Clip + Gallery Additions

The ASC released a brand new “To The Wonder” movie clip and official on set pictures featuring Rachel attached to their interview with director of photography Emmanuel Lubezki. The clip can be watched in our media archive, and we added the photos in our gallery.

The interview with Lubezki is also worth the read, because he gives some interesting insights into the working process of writer/director Terrence Malick and it it might help you understand the movie better. You can find some excerpts below, but you can find the full interview over here.

“Terry didn’t say this, but I felt that he was trying to separate To the Wonder from all the moviemaking that’s still connected to theater — from movies that feel acted, prepared and rehearsed. We were trying to find a more cinematographic approach to filmmaking and a way of using film language that was less connected to theater and literature and other art forms. Terry wants this art form to have its own way of expressing ideas and emotions, and that’s what was very exciting about the movie.”

“It’s a combination of 35mm, which was used for the scenes between Ben and Olga in Oklahoma, and 65mm for several shots of Ben and Rachel McAdams. That relationship is perceived by Ben’s character as less romantic and more stable and realistic, and we felt that the 65mm expressed that stability and a kind of hyper-reality.”
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“To The Wonder” Tops Itunes Independent Charts

To The Wonder” was released in selected theaters and on VOD this weekend in the US. Deadline is reporting that it’s the second best new opening average at the special box office after “Disconnect”.

To The Wonder (Magnolia Pictures) NEW [17 Theaters] Weekend $130K, Average $7,647

The movie topped the Itunes Independent Movie charts all weekend and it’s currently #12 at the over-all movie charts of Itunes. “To The Wonder” will expand to more theaters in the next two weeks, you can find the cities and play date on the official website and it’s also still available on VOD.

“To The Wonder” Video Update

We added the red carpet interviews of Rachel during the Los Angeles premiere of “To The Wonder” earlier this week. Many thanks to Andreas for getting most of these videos for us. We also added the newly released Itunes featurette of the movie and the second extended movie clip featuring Rachel in our media archive.

To The Wonder” was released yesterday in selected theaters, VOD and Itunes in the US.

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