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First US Trailer for “To The Wonder”

Entertainment Tonight aired the very first US trailer for “To The Wonder” earlier this week. The distributor Magnolia Pictures released the trailer online today. It’s slightly different then the UK trailer and we get a few new glimpses and voice-over of Rachel in the movie. We added the trailer in our media archive, be sure to watch it below. We also hade high definition screen captures in our gallery.

To The Wonder” will get a limited release in the US on April 12 and it’s currently in theaters in the UK and France.

“To The Wonder” UK Reviews Round-Up

The first reviews from the UK are coming in with only one day left until “To The Wonder” will hit selected theaters in the UK. Not many reviews focus on Rachel’s performance since she has, judging on the reviews, the least amount of screen time (about 10 minutes) of the 4 leads.

We will round-up all the reviews from the UK in this post. So keep checking back because we will add more reviews once they are released. The movie will get a (limited) release in the US on April 12.

The final part of the “To The Wonder” making of was also released, but sadly no footage of Rachel. We did add it in our media archive because it’s still worth the watch. You can watch it over here.

5/5 stars for Enjoyment and In Retrospect
“Its utter earnestness leaves it wide open to criticism, but to bemoan the superficial quality of the performances, the script or the story would be to miss the point of the film entirely. Malick doesn’t make films anymore. He builds cathedrals.”
-David Jenkins, Little White Lies

4/5 stars
“Neil then rekindles a romance with Jane (a never-better Rachel McAdams), a sylph-like rancher who may have been his childhood sweetheart […] At his best, Malick can show you a kind of divinity in the world that we otherwise rarely glimpse, and these scenes, shot with skin-prickling tenderness by Emmanuel Lubezki, positively ache with it.”
-Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

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“To The Wonder” Making Of Part 2 + TV Spot

The second part – you can watch the first part over here in case you missed it – of the three-part exclusive featurette of “To The Wonder” was released by Sky Movies earlier today. We added the making of part 2 and a new TV spot released by the French distributor in our media archive.

We also added a new poster for the UK, exclusively released by Orange, in our gallery as well as a few new production stills. The movie will get a limited release in the UK this Friday (February 22) and it will get released in France on March 6.

First part of “To The Wonder” Making Of

Sky Movies released the first part of the three-part exclusive featurette of “To The Wonder“. It features behind the scenes footage of the movie and on set interviews with the cast, crew and producers. The other two parts will be released in the coming days so stay tuned!

The Telegraph released their interview with Rachel talking about the movie yesterday. We added it to our press archive so be sure to give it a read. The movie will get a limited release in the UK on February 22, so only a few more days to go.

“To The Wonder” UK Interviews

With less then a week away until the UK release of “To The Wonder” two news papers – The Guardian and The Independent – published new interviews with Rachel promotion the movie. We added both interviews in our press archive and they are definitely worth the read.

The star of To the Wonder talks about how she battled her fear of horses and embraced the unknown in Terrence Malick’s sublime new film
Read full interview

As a host of stars – including her boyfriend – disappeared from the auteur’s latest film, Rachel McAdams survived. So how did she win him over?
Read full interview

The press junket for the movie will be on February 20 in London but only Rachel’s co-star Olga Kurylenko is confirmed to attend so far. The movie will hit selected theaters in the UK two days later on February 22.

Additional “To The Wonder” Still

The UK distributor Studio Canal released even more stills of “To The Wonder” via Hunger TV including a stunning new still with Rachel and Ben Affleck. We added the still in our gallery. The movie will hit theaters in the UK on February 22 and will get a US bow on April 12.

New “To The Wonder” Still

With the UK release (February 22) getting closer the distributor is releasing more and more stills of “To The Wonder“. Telegraph UK released a few new stills of the movie today including another new one of Rachel. We added it in our gallery, and be sure to check out the other stills over here.

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of stills we got of Rachel so far. According to previous reports from reviews her role is only supporting and the smallest of the 4 leads with only 5-10 minutes of screen time.

Another “To The Wonder” Still

Collider released a batch of new stills of “To The Wonder” including one new one of Rachel with Ben Affleck. We added the still in our gallery. The movie is expected to be released February 22 in the UK and April 12 in the US.

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