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The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

Rachel was on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien yesterday (December 4th) were she did a really nice interview for the promotion of “Sherlock Holmes”. I’ve added the full interview in our media archive, be sure to check them out. Previews and links are below.

They show a brandnew movie clip in the last part of the interview. Can’t wait until the release of “Sherlock Holmes”.

Update: I’ve added the screencaptures of the interview including the movie clip of “Sherlock Holmes” in our gallery. Rachel looked really stunning!

Leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live show

Rachel pre-recorded Live with Jimmy Kimmel on December 3th and it will air December 17th. I’ve added a fanvideo of Rachel arraving at Jimmy Kimmel. She signed and took pictures with fans and she looked stunning.

Upcoming Talkshows

Here is a little update on the upcoming Rachel will attend for the promotion of “Sherlock Holmes”. We will let you know if there are coming more interviews.

Friday, December 4
The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

Thursday, December 17
The Late Show with Jimmy Kimmel


Director Jason Reitman would like to work with Rachel

He is the director of ‘Up in the Air’ which is getting rave reviews. Nothing earth moving, just a nice ‘shout out’ of sorts.  And really who doesn’t want to work with Rachel.

On other actors he’d like to work with: I really love Laura Linney, I really love Rachel McAdams, love Joan Allen, I love Matt Damon, I think he’s actually really great . . . who else? I like Jonah Hill a lot, I like Seth Rogen.


Rachel to be on Conan

Look out for Rachel on Conan December 3rd.  This could be the kick off of many December interviews for Sherlock Holmes.

Conan O’Brien: Rachel McAdams, Gabriel Iglesias, Rod Stewart″>Source

Thanks to rtms77 from our forums for the find.

Rachel McAdams Left Gasping in Corset

Here’s another interesting article with Rachel talking about the difficulties of shooting her latest project, Sherlock Holmes. Check it out:

RACHEL McAdams could hardly breathe while shooting new movie Sherlock Holmes — because her corset was so tight!

The actress — who plays Irene Adler alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law in the hotly-anticipated new Guy Ritchie flick — says she didn’t enjoy having to squeeze into her tight garments everyday during filming.

“I’m such a girly-girl so I was in heaven just dressed, being dressed from the head down and the costumes were incredible, I mean real-life corsets with the bones and totally cinched in and I would try to push my belly out in the morning when they were coming to strap me it,” she said.

“It really was like out of Gone With the Wind and I’m holding on to the trailer door and trying to eek out just a little bit of space so I can speak properly.

“But they managed to squeeze me in every day — they tried to make me laugh and on the laugh they’d yank, but it was so much fun.”

Screencaptures Updates & Live with Regis & Kelly

I finally added the interview Rachel did with Regis & Kelly a few months ago in our media archive. Rachel did promotion for The Time Traveler’s Wife and I love the interview. Rachel’s family was in the audience to support her. You can also watch the interview of Rachel with Eric Bana on the Today Show in our media archive.

I’ve made and added screepcatures of Rachel’s interview with Regis&Kelly and her interview with the Today Show with her co-star Eric Bana.

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