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Good Morning America

Rachel stopped by Good Morning America earlier this morning to promote “Southpaw“. We have added the online segment of the interview in our video archive, but we are still working on getting the full version online so be sure to come back later. We also added the first batch with high quality images of Rachel arriving outside the ABC studios and during her interview in our gallery. Many thanks to my friend Haylie from Chyler Leigh Network & Kristin Kreuk Daily for her donation!

“Southpaw” LA Press Junket Interviews (Day 1)

Rachel has been busy this week with the promotion of “Southpaw” in Los Angeles. We have added the first released press junket interview of the first day of press on July 13 in our video archive, including interviews with Screen Slam and Access Hollywood. Rachel has revealed she did a ‘little bit of training and boxing’ for the movie to prepare for her role and continued this workout for “True Detective“.

The movie will have it’s New York premiere on Monday, July 20 according to Average Socialite. Let’s hope Rachel will attend. We are currently working on more (video) updates – so stay tuned!

Rachel Talks “True Detective” Episode 4 With Variety

Rachel Talks “True Detective” Episode 4 With Variety

Rachel recently spoke to Variety during the “Southpaw” press junket and she also discussed Sunday’s episode of “True Detective“. The full interview can be found in our press archive and an excerpt below. It’s a discussion of one of the major scenes of Sunday’s episode, so be aware of spoilers if you haven’t watched it yet.

HBO’s crime drama “True Detective” has now become famous for its intense action scenes, with the bloody shootout involving Rachel McAdams’ SWAT officer Ani Bezzerides in Sunday’s episode being no exception.

While the episode certainly got the adrenaline flowing in fans, it was especially grueling to film for McAdams.

“That one took about five days,” the actress told Variety while promoting her drama “Southpaw.” “That was pretty intense. I actually puked during that scene. When I was running and reloading my gun — it actually wound up being about 200 yards, it was like two football fields — and I was just going all out and we did it a couple of times.”
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Rachel Covers Stylist UK (July 2015)

Rachel is gracing the cover of the current issue of Stylist UK magazine (July 15, 2015) to promote the release of “Southpaw“. She also discussed “Aloha” and “True Detective“. It features a brand new photoshoot and in-depth interview. We have added the (digital) magazine scans, first photoshoot outtakes and on-set image in our gallery. The interview has been added in our press archive and an excerpt can be found below. Fun fact: Rachel’s make-up for the shoot was done by her sister Kayleen, on request of Rachel herself.

From Mean Girls to True Detective, Rachel McAdams could give a TED talk on how to navigate Hollywood. But it’s her off-screen approach to life that we’d like to emulate.

You can imagine Rachel McAdams living and loving in the Seventies. From the solar panels she is having fitted, to an affinity for backpacking, from the fact that cycling is her default mode of transport to her love of Neil Young and Fleetwood Mac, it’s clear she’s a free spirt – albeit a very grounded one – who has rejected many of the traditional trappings of Hollywood.

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The magazine is currently on digital newsstands, so be sure to download your own copy!

Marie Claire June 2015 Digital Scans

The digital magazine scans of Rachel’s Marie Claire June 2015 cover story have been added in our gallery. The transcript of the interview, as well as the Behind The Cover stories have been added in our press archive. The magazine is already on digital newsstands and will hit physical newsstands on May 19.

No more Ms. Nice Guy. As a rough-around-the-edges law enforcer in this month’s cult crime show True Detective, Rachel McAdams is like nothing we’ve seen before. Which is just the way she likes it.

Rachel McAdams shows up for our interview in an electric car the size of a toaster. We’re high up in L.A.’s Fryman Canyon on a bright, breezy spring morning, and McAdams is wearing a baggy maroon hoodie, no-name sunglasses, spandex leggings, and a Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap. Her hair is four inches of black roots plus three inches of bleached-out surf-rat frizz at the ends. Her makeup is slim to none. If anyone has ever wondered what the opposite of a movie star entrance looks like, it’s safe to say this is it.
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Marie Claire BTS Video & Additions

The official behind the scenes/on-set video of Rachel’s Marie Claire June 2015 cover shoot has been added in our video archive. Many thanks to my friend Amanda for helping us out. The high definition screencaptures have been added to our gallery, as well as a few more additional photoshoot outtakes. The magazine will hit newsstands on May 19.

CWOF 2014 Commemorative Magazine

We overlooked this before but the 2014 Canada Walk Of Fame released their annual Canada Walk Of Fame Commemorative Magazine last year to celebrate and honor the 2014 inductees. As you know Rachel was one of them and received her very own star at the Canada Walk Of Fame. The magazine features interviews with all the inductees. The magazine scans have been added in our gallery and the transcript of the interview in our press archive. Many thanks to Jord for the heads up!

On Her Love For Theater: “So, fortunately, by the time I graduated school I had a few experiences under my belt. Initially it was more out of insecurity that I would not get a job in theatre that I ended up working in film and television. I would like to get back to the stage one day as it is my first love.”

On Her ‘The Notebook’ Audition: “I was sort of floating through the entire audition. I didn’t know what had happened. I remember sitting down on the sidewalk after and thinking. ‘I feel like something has changed and I don’t know that it will ever be the same again.”

On Her Roles: “I have to be able to bring something to the table—it’s really important to connect with the characters. I love transformation and diving into a character I haven’t portrayed before. I never feel like acting is easy, it’s incredibly challenging and I think it’s important to not be quite sure I can get there but excited to try.”
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Reminder: “A Most Wanted Man” in UK cinemas TODAY!

We wanted to remind you that “A Most Wanted Man” is released in cinemas in the UK and Ireland starting today. You can buy tickets and find the theater near you via the official facebook app. The movie premiered during Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was released late July in the US. It already grossed close to $16 million in the US. The movie holds a Certified Fresh Rating at Rotten Tomatoes with a 91% score.

The UK press released two new interviews with Rachel so far which are both added in our press archive. You can find some excerpts below:

On the German dialect: “Even just learning the dialect and the flavour of the German sound informs this new kind of person in me. Sometimes the further from what you imagine yourself to be the better, because then you find you’re probably closer to those people than you think.”

On her upcoming movie slate: “I’m not really a creature of habit. I like trying everything out.”

On making films: “Making a film, it’s just the right combination of people and place and time, and whatever is going on in the world around you. It’s so elusive. I think you start with a desire and a yearning to tell a certain story, and you kind of have to let the rest go. Maybe that’s very naïve, but so far that’s what I have tried to do.”

We also wanted to share this wonderful quote from director Anton Corbijn on casting Rachel in the movie (Via Hot Press):

“Rachel’s a naturally charming woman. I just thought that it would be interesting to have her in a more demanding and serious role, and that kind of charm will stay. That’s how she gets people to be on her side. She plays this young girl who gets in over her head really, but she means really well, she’s idealistic and kind of naïve in her handling of it all.”

Also don’t forget to follow the official twitter accounts of the movie @AMostWantedMan & @MostWantedManUK and ‘Like’ the official facebook pages /AMostWantedMan & /MostWantedManUK.

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