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Rachel for Bustle Magazine April 2023

Rachel for Bustle Magazine April 2023

After half a decade (yes, it’s really been that long!), Rachel has finally done a new magazine photoshoot! She’s gracing the April cover of Bustle Magazine to promote ‘Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret’, and it features a great new interview and a stunning photoshoot. You can read the full article below! Bustle has also shared a fun clip from the set of the shoot, which you can watch at the bottom of the post.

Outtakes from the photoshoot, as well as screen captures from the above mentioned video, can now be found in our gallery. It’s great to finally have a new photoshoot of Rachel – you might see it in a new layout here soon…

Rachel McAdams Is Worth Waiting For! The selective star returns for the long-awaited, totally adorable adaptation of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, the puberty bible and icon of YA literature, is, among other things, the story of an 11-year-old’s desperation to grow breasts. “We must, we must, we must increase our bust!” goes its most famous line. Rachel McAdams’ time on the set of the book’s new film adaptation is a testament to the fact that you don’t stop feeling weird about your boobs once they come in. Surprise! It’s a lifelong affliction.

“I felt like a milking machine,” McAdams says. She’d given birth to her daughter just five months before filming started and was pumping between shots. Then the costume designer threw her a curveball. “Why don’t we just try this without a bra?” McAdams, who plays Margaret’s mother, Barb, recalls her asking. “The great irony is Margaret just can’t wait to get into a bra. But I’m playing a kind of wild child, hippie artist mom [who] doesn’t wear a bra throughout the whole film.” Going braless while breastfeeding is no joke — the leaks, the size changes — but McAdams was drawn to the creative potential. “[We] really wanted Barb to feel like a real person who’s still figuring herself out, to put Margaret and her on similar trajectories.” Continue reading

Rachel Covers The Sunday Times Style (November 25)

Rachel Covers The Sunday Times Style (November 25)

Rachel graced the cover of this past weekend’s issue of The Sunday Times’ (UK) Style Magazine to promote the upcoming release of “Disobedience” in the UK. We have added the (digital) scans in our gallery as well as the photoshoot outtakes. The interview can be found in our press archives and excerpts can be found below. “Disobedience” will be out in cinemas on November 30 in the UK.

On her breakout year: “Timing is such a funny thing. They were very different roles and genres, which allowed me more choice.”

On motherhood: “It’s the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, hands down. [People say] your life is not your own any more. But I had 39 years of me, I was sick of me, I was so happy to put the focus on some other person. I waited a long time [for motherhood].”

On the theme of ‘Disobedience’: “It’s so tragic to think that, of all the problems in this world, we make it an issue who you want to love. It drives me nuts.”

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The Hollywood Reporter Beauty Issue

The Hollywood Reporter Beauty Issue

Rachel and her sister and make-up artist Kayleen McAdams are featured in the current issue (December 2) of The Hollywood Reporter. We have added the digital magazine scans, photoshoot outtakes and HD screencaptures of the behind the scenes video in our gallery. We also added the BTS video in our video archive, which is definitely worth the watch. Rachel and Kayleen play a game of ‘How Well Do You Know?’.

Rachel McAdams has played many iconic roles over the years — from the headstrong Allie in The Notebook to the manipulative Regina George in Mean Girls — but what would she be doing if she weren’t constantly shape-shifting?

During a game of “How Well Do You Know?” with her makeup artist, who also happens to be her sister, Kayleen McAdams, the actress revealed that she would lead a much simpler life — as a farmer.

The pair, who are featured in THR’s Beauty Issue, must have discussed the possibility in the past, because Kayleen had no problem coming up with the answer. As for knowing what Rachel eats for breakfast, that’s a different story.

“Kayleen has a very calming effect on me,” says Rachel. “Spending two hours with her beforehand sets me for the night.” Responds Kayleen: “I like to know I can help calm you before you go out there because there’s a lot coming at you.”

Rachel Talks “Doctor Strange” With EW

Doctor Strange” is the main coverstory of the current issue of Entertainment Weekly (October 21 issue). We have added the magazine scans in our gallery. Rachel and producer Feige talked about wether Rachel’s character might dopt her own alter ego: Night Nurse in the movie. You can find the article after the jump. Further, Rachel revealed she prepared for her role by spending time in a hospital in London. Be sure to pick up your own copy of EW.

Rachel on preparing for her role: “Now, in a pinch, I could stich somebody up on the sidewalk with a lighther and a needle and some thread. So that’s exciting!”

Rachel on if she is playing the Night Nurse: “Mum’s the word on that one”

The promotion for the movie is expected to start the coming week. Marvel and Disney have promoted their #DoctorStrangeEvent on social media, and Rachel will reportedly talk to the press on October 19th. The world premiere of the movie will be held on October 20th and Rachel is expected to attend.

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Rachel & Kayleen Featured In Elle November 2016 (USA)

Rachel and her sister/make-up artist Kayleen are featured in the current issue of Elle Magazine (USA). Earlier this year Rachel and Kayleen attended the 8th Annual Dior Operation Smile Luncheon in Los Angeles. We previously added photo coverage of the event to our gallery, be sure to check out our previous post in case you missed it before. The Elle feature includes a beautiful new project of Rachel and Kayleen, and an interview they did with the magazine. We have added the magazine scan in our gallery and transcript of the interview in our press archive.

Rachel On Kayleen: “My beauty inspiration day-to-day is my sister [makeup artist Kayleen]. She’s comfortable in her skin and doesn’t feel the need to wear makeup every day, which in- spires me to do the same. She’s weaned me off my addiction to over-blushing, but she’s always up for trying out-there ideas.”

“Doctor Strange” IMAX Preview & Latest News

With a little over a month until the US release of “Doctor Strange“, the promotion has kicked off. We will round-up the latest news in this post. First of all, Marvel & IMAX have announced you are able to see a 15 minutes 3D IMAX preview in theaters. These previews will screen in theaters in the US and Canada and you are able to get your free tickers on Secondly, we have added the digital Empire magazine (UK) scans in our gallery. The magazine is on newsstands right now, so be sure to pick up your copy! Empire exclusively released a new still of Rachel and Benedict, which we previously added to our site. Thirdly, Marvel has lifted their embargo of the on-set visit from earlier this year in London. Sadly, Rachel wasn’t on set that day – according to producer Feige, she was already 99% done with filming – but the articles thus far give great insight into the movie and filmmaking proces. You can find an overview of the articles released after the jump.

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Award Season Magazine Update

We have added February-June 2016 magazine scans in our gallery. They are all mainly focused on award season 2015-2016. Rachel made it onto many of the top dressed lists.

Friendly reminder that the ‘A Celebration of Journalism’ event is today. The “Spotlight” cast is expected to attend. The White House Correspondents Dinner is tomorrow and Rachel is confirmed to attend alongside co-star Mark Ruffalo, director Tom McCarthy, screenwriter Josh Singer and Boston Globe reports Mike Rezendes, Sacha Pfeiffer, Walter Robinson and Matt Carroll.

2016 Magazine Scans Update

Rachel has been busy with promoting “Spotlight” during award season and we are unable to catch up on recent magazine scans, until now. We have added the (digital) magazine scans of (international) magazines in our gallery, including great interviews with Hello! Canada – her first exclusive post-Oscar nomination interview – and Hello! Magazine UK. The transcripts of the interview have been added in our press archive.

On selecting projects: “Oh, it sort of seems to change with every project, but I just always look for something that’s going to challenge me, some uncharted territory. A director who’s passionate, good storytelling — those are usually at the top of the list and then I go from there.”

On Doctor Strange: “I’m afraid someone from Marvel will jump out of a hidden closet to stop me talking! I’m playing a doctor and I don’t actually know how much I can say, to be honest. But most of my stuff is with Benedict [Cumberbatch], which is great for me.”

On Sacha Pfeiffer: “She’s just an incredibly awesome person. She works so hard and really cares about telling the story right, no matter what it takes. I feel very privileged to play her.”

Next up are the Satellite Awards on Sunday (February 21). Rachel is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in “Spotlight” and the cast is expected to receive the Ensemble: Motion Picture Award. It’s not yet announced if Rachel will attend the ceremony.

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