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“Spotlight” Promotional & Award Season Coverage

We continue our Oscars countdown with another “Spotlight” post. We have added the recent promotional and award season video coverage in our video archives. Rachel has been busy promoting the movie at various award season events and over 30 video clips have been added. Links and previous can be found below.

NBA Miami Heat-Toronto Raptors Game

Rachel attended the NBA Miami Heat vs. Toronto Raptors Game yesterday, held at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. She attended the game alongside her friend and “Spotlight” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife” co-star Duane Murray. We added a video of the footage shown during the game in our video archive and the high definition screencaptures in our gallery. We also added the images in our gallery. The Raptors mascot welcomed Rachel to the game and brought her gifts, including a Raptors jersey.

This is not the first time that Rachel attended a Raptors game. Back in 2013 she also received flowers from the Raptors mascot.

The Wrap “Spotlight” Oscars Feature

The Wrap “Spotlight” Oscars Feature

The Wrap released their Oscars/Award Season feature on “Spotlight” earlier this week. It features a great new (cover)photoshoot and interview with the cast and the journalist they are portraying, including Rachel alongside Sacha Pfeiffer. Rachel’s co-stars Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery and Brian d’Arcy James alongside the (former) Boston Globe journalists Walter Robinson, Mike Rezendes, Marty Baron, Ben Bradlee Jr. and Matt Carroll joined them. The digital magazine scans, photoshoot outtakes and behind the scenes images are added in our gallery. The article/interview can be found in our press archives and we have added the on-set interviews in our video archive. Screencaptures of the videos can be found in our gallery.

Pfeiffer: I remember our first phone call lasted an hour and a half. And I remember being amazed that you wanted to know everything, physical and psychological. It wasn’t just, “What did you wear, what was your haircut like?” But, “What was your family like, and what did you think, and did you cook dinner with your husband?” I mean, it was everything.

McAdams: And you were so open about everything. I remember calling Tom right before I called you, and I was really nervous, and I said, “Is there anything I shouldn’t ask or anything that’s off limits?” And he said, “No, just go for it.”
» Read entire article/interview

Rachel & Sacha Pfeiffer Stop by the Today Show

Rachel stopped by NBC’s the Today Show earlier this week on December 1 to pre-record her Today Show segment alongside Sacha Pfeiffer to promote “Spotlight“. As you might know, Rachel is portraying Sacha in the movie. The segment aired yesterday, which was unannounced. Rachel and Sacha were scheduled to make an appearance on the show last month, but we assume it got rescheduled to this week. We have added the interview in our video archive and the official stills and high definition screencaptures can be found in our gallery.

“Spotlight” B-Roll, Movie Clip, Featurette & Trailers

Spotlight” is currently playing nationwide in the U.S. and we have added the video promotional material in our video archive. The official B-Roll, a new movie clip, featurette with on-set interview and two new trailers (U.S. & U.K.) are added. The movie will be released on January 29, 2016 in the U.K.

The cast and crew have been promoting the movie these past few weeks and Rachel was unable to join them, presumably due to the production of “Doctor Strange“.

First Official The Little Prince Teaser Trailer (Canada & US)

First Official The Little Prince Teaser Trailer (Canada & US)

EOne Canada released the first official teaser for “The Little Prince” earlier this week. It features the original voice casts which includes Rachel, Mackenzie Foy, Jeff Bridge, Riley Osborne, Marion Cotillard, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Benicio del Toro, Paul Giamatti, Ricky Gervais, Albert Brooks, and Bud Cort. The movie premiered earlier this year during the Cannes Film Festival. The international versions released over the summer and this past fall, including in France. The movie will be released on March 18, 2016 in the U.S.

First “Every Thing Will Be Fine” US Trailer

First “Every Thing Will Be Fine” US Trailer

IFC Films released the first official US trailer for “Every Thing Will Be Fine“. IFC Films will release the movie on December 4, 2015 in the U.S. The movie premiered at Berlinale earlier this year. The movie was selected for various film festival this year, including the Toronto International Film Festival. We have added the trailer in our video archive.

After taking 3D to dazzling new heights in Pina, legendary director Wim Wenders (Paris, Texas; Wings of Desire) continues to push the technology in bold new directions. This searing drama charts the emotional odyssey of a struggling novelist (James Franco) whose life is turned upside down one wintry night when following a fatal car accident. The incident sets him on a soul-searching, decades-long journey towards redemption, a quest that profoundly touches the lives of both his girlfriend (Rachel McAdams) and the accident victim’s mother (Charlotte Gainsbourg). In his triumphant return to narrative filmmaking, Wenders makes innovative, often breathtaking use of 3D to draw viewers ever deeper into the film’s gripping emotional vortex.

“Spotlight” TV Spots, On-Set Interview & BTS Still

“Spotlight” TV Spots, On-Set Interview & BTS Still

The “Spotlight” promotion officially started this week with the New York and Boston premiere . Rachel was unable to attend both. The New York audience was told she was busy filming in the UK, presumable for “Doctor Strange“. Average Socialite is reportedly the Los Angeles premiere is next week, on November 3rd – Let’s hope she is able to join the cast next week! The first promotion material was released. The first TV spots and official on-set interview with Rachel has been added in our video archive. We also added an additional on-set images in our gallery.

The movie will get a limited release, next week on November 6 in the U.S.A. and go nationwide on November 20.

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