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Network sites: Grand Opening Press & Quotes Archive

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site, but I have been working on behind the scenes of this site for the past few days. I am really proud to announce the opening of our Press Archive and Quotes Archive

The Press Archive offers you a collection of all the interviews and articles related to Rachel. You can read all her cover stories, like the Vogue and Marie Claire interview. The press archive is your stop for all the press related Rachel stuff! All the articles are tagged, categorized, and the original date and source are given.

The Quotes Archive offers you a collection with Rachel quotes or Rachel related quotes (Find out what her co-stars say about her!). The quotes are categorized and tagged with the source.

Both network sites will improve the site with more Rachel content, offering more content for your reading pleasure. We are currently still working on both sites, and new updated will be added too.

Instyle: Interview & HQ Scans

Thanks to our amazing co-web Helena we have all the scans of Rachel’s Instyle November’s Cover story. The interview is definitely worth reading, she talks about fashion, traveling, ice skating and more. Links and previews are below:

You can find the full interview and other Rachel related articles in our brand new press archive. The quotes are added in our new quote archive, categorized.