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RMO Exclusive: Interview with Jett Anderson

This is the official kick-off for a new project for Rachel McAdams Online: “Rachel McAdams Exclusive” which is a countdown to celebrate our upcoming 7 Year Anniversary in June. We will try to post regular updates with a RMO Exclusive stories like fan encounter, interviews, or another (suprise) update related to Rachel and her career with people who met or worked with Rachel throughout the years. It’s not only a celebrating for our anniversary, but also for the wonderful career Rachel had so far, and will have in the future.

Our first exclusive is with actor Jett Anderson. He is Rachel’s co-star in the upcoming untitled Terrence Malick Project. Accroding to IMDB he plays Brad, Rachel’s character’s husband. As you may know Jane is the character Rachel is playing in the movie. Read our exclusive interview below:

Update: Due to contractual agreements we had to remove the interview with Mr. Anderson (temporarily), it will be back with the release of the Terrence Malick project. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Special thanks to Mr. Anderson for answering our questions. Be sure to visit his official website and follow him on twitter via @JettzHouse. Please credit us if you use the interview above anywhere else, thanks.