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Welcome back to Rachel McAdams Online!

I am so excited to announce that Rachel McAdams Online is back online! My name is Sara, and the incredible old owner of kindly let me adopt her old work and continue on the site here at our brand new domain: The domain and owner has changed, but I hope to continue the great work the previous webmiss did here at RMO for so many years. It has been my favorite fansite for over a decade, and I will do my best to do the site – and you visitors – justice. I have ran fansites for more than 12 years myself, and my work includes Dianna Agron Heaven & Alicia Vikander Vault if you want to check it out.

Everything should be working well, but please let me know if you come across any broken links or images when browsing the site. I have many big updates coming your way this week, including “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” screen captures, photoshoot additions and so much more – stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Rachel! (+ New Layout)

Today is a very special day because Rachel turns 33! We wanted to celebrate her birthday with putting up brand new layout. We wanted to wish Rachel a Happy birthday and we hope she will have an amazing day (in London).

We wanted to do something special to also celebrate that we are online for over 7 years now. The layout is designed by Sin21 Designs and as you can see our header gives you a slideshow with a selection of production stills from the amazing movies Rachel was part of.

The layout is not completely finished because we had some troubles with out computer but as soon as that is fixed we will changes some detials in the layout. Let us know what you think about the layout and if you find any errors.

Sears Acting Workshop

We got a tweet from Adventure Club Events yesterday with a link to a video of Rachel during an acting workshop while she was still a teenager. The video can be watched in our Media archive. It’s so great to see a younger Rachel perform, so be sure to watch it it’s worth the watch!

The news is coming in really slowly after the release of “Morning Glory“, the next release is “Midnight in Paris” which is the film opening of Cannes 2011. We hope Rachel will be attending, we are currently working almost daily on new content for the site. You can keep an eye on the ‘Recently Updated Pages‘ in our sidebar, when we finish a whole section we will let you know via a big update.

Library: Press Archive +135 Posts

We recently opened up our very own press archive with interviews, articles and blogs related to Rachel. Since a few weeks we decided to move the press archive as network site and insert it as a library in the main site. You can now visit our press archive via the library which is now part of our main navigation (which you can find above ^).

We already have over 135 posts in our library with interviews, articles and bloggings related to Rachel from 2003 up until now. So it’s a nice collection of press releases related to Rachel and gives you hours of reading pleasure. We are currently still adding more missing releases and we will continue to add new ones as well. If you would like to donate a missing one, be sure to drop us a line.

If you follow our twitter account, if you haven’t be sure to follow us via @rachelmonline, you already knew we finally managed to connect our rss feed to our Facebook Fanpage which means all our news updates will be added to our Facebook Fanpage as well with a link to the original post. So be sure to like and follow us via facebook as well.

Visit Library | Rachel McAdams Online

Network sites: Grand Opening Press & Quotes Archive

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site, but I have been working on behind the scenes of this site for the past few days. I am really proud to announce the opening of our Press Archive and Quotes Archive

The Press Archive offers you a collection of all the interviews and articles related to Rachel. You can read all her cover stories, like the Vogue and Marie Claire interview. The press archive is your stop for all the press related Rachel stuff! All the articles are tagged, categorized, and the original date and source are given.

The Quotes Archive offers you a collection with Rachel quotes or Rachel related quotes (Find out what her co-stars say about her!). The quotes are categorized and tagged with the source.

Both network sites will improve the site with more Rachel content, offering more content for your reading pleasure. We are currently still working on both sites, and new updated will be added too.

One Year Anniversairy

We are celebrating a special kind of anniversairy: the one year anniversairy for me as owner of Rachel McAdams Online was yesterday (october 9th). Exactly one year ago I made my very first update on this site after adopting it from the original owner Audrey. As you may know, I am a hudge Rachel fan and had my own Rachel sites before I adopted Rachel McAdams Online.

Can not believe it’s already a year ago, and I truly hope many more years will follow. Thank you everyone for visiting, all your nice comments, replies via the forum, e-mails and messages. This site would be nothing without you. Rachel truly has the best fans in the world! It’s already the 6th year this site is online, and we are still going strong! We really hope you’ll continue to visit the site everyday for your daily updates on the talented Rachel.

New Layout (Finally) & Like us @Facebook!

As you can see we have a brand new layout online, finally! The layout is made by the talented Fram, and it’s about time we have a new look since the last one of online for almost one year. We are really happy with this look, we hope you are too! Feel free to leave your comment about this layout and if you have any troubles, suggetions or anything else please comment too! Still working out on adding more sidebar content and the content of the site will be improved really soon too.

Some other great site news, we finally made our own facebook fanpage. You can follow and ‘Like Us‘ at facebook now. All the news, updates, information and exclusive content will be added to our facebook. So be sure to follow and like us. If you haven’t followed our twitter page @rachelmonline, be sure you do! We are currently working on tweetable but all the updates will be tweeted.

New Layout Online!

We have a new layout online as you can see. I made the layout and it’s more winter/holidays like because as you all know Rachel’s next movie “Sherlock Holmes” will be released this holiday season.

We hope you like the layout! Tell us what you think in a comment and please let us know when you find any errors. We are currently looking for Elite, Top and regular affiliates, so please apply when you are interested.

I also want to remind you that you can follow our twitter @rachelmonline for your latest updates on Rachel. We will tweet you with all the news&updates, picture updates and more. So be sure to follow us @rachelmonline!

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