The Cinema Source: Rachel McAdams Interview for The Wedding Crashers

The Cinema Source
Published: January 28, 2008

Young actress Rachel McAdams has already begun to make some waves in Hollywood. Her role as one of the Mean Girls, starring alongside Lindsay Lohan, put her into the spotlight. In her next film she took on the role of Allie Hamilton in the Romantic Drama, The Notebook, which showed off her playful and sensitive side. Today, as she sits at the table with her flowing brown hair, she smiles and exchanges small talk with the room full of journalists who are here to chat about her new movie, The Wedding Crashers.

In this gut busting comedy about two single men who smooth talk their way into weddings with the goal of obtaining some free food, free drinks, and perhaps some pleasurable female company. Rachael plays Claire Cleary. Claire belongs to a family not much unlike the Kennedy’s whose ties run deep into politics and high society. The “Wedding Crashers” are played by funny guys Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who previously worked together on Starsky and Hutch.
In the film Vaughn and Wilson’s characters crash the wedding of Claire’s sister, Christina and get more then they expected.

This movie marks the first time Rachel appears on screen with the comedic duo. “They work really well together, you wouldn’t think so they’re so different; they couldn’t be more opposite. They’re sort of like the yin and the yang, they compliment each other they’re like a cute little couple,” as she bursts out laughing. “Yeah, I guess I could see that. Regardless, they get the job done.”

In her three previous films, Rachel has had three different hair colors (if you hadn’t already noticed). “Its fun to experiment, I’m always kind of a slave to the character whatever kind of vision comes to my head and I just have to go with it.” Well there are only so many hair colors you can experiment with, that is unless if you want cross over into pastels. For some reason I don’t see that in her future.”

Taking a break from the future lets talk about an actor who got his start in the past. Christopher Walken plays Claire’s father, Treasury Secretary William Cleary. In her first time working with Walken, Rachel was a little nervous. “I was so intimidated at first he’s so smooth and so good at what he does. He’s such a present person. When you’re acting and in a scene with him he’s right there, and that’s nice.” Present he is indeed. Walken has made a solid career with his awkward mannerisms and in your face deliveries that are for some reason, so damn funny.

A good script has a lot to do with a films success no matter what the genre. But what is it that Rachel looks for when she reads a script? “It can be different things depending on what’s out there, you’re not always gonna get the dream project with this particular project, I was really interested in working with the people involved and doing a different kind of comedy, an adult comedy.” Adult comedy sums it up pretty well; no kids stuff here, Crashers earned its R rating.

That rating was the plan from the start. Once shooting began there was no turning back. Well almost, censors attempted to drop the movie to a PG-13 rating; I’m glad that never happened. For an actor or actress, shooting a film can be a long and tedious process. After dozens and dozens of takes you have to get fed up at some point, right? That’s not the case with Rachel McAdams and not the case with this movie. “In terms of shooting scenes I really enjoyed being out on the boat and the bike riding and being on the beach, it didn’t feel like work.” In one of those three scenes she shared a passionate lip lock with one of the film’s leading males. So we wanna know, tongue or no tongue? “I guess you just try to go with it at first and not place too many limitations.” I was hoping for a little more detail. But then again, that’s why I was given an imagination.

On August 19th she leaves the Wedding scene and boards a 747. In this new thriller by Wes Craven, Rachel fights for her life in a plane 5,000 feet in the air. “We shot for about a month or so on this plane, it was pretty intense, I had to be terrorized like 24/7.” We sure know she can do comedy folks, and we will soon see how she handles the Red Eye.

Back to the subject of comedy The Wedding Crashers swings its way into theaters July 15 and is sure to have you clenching your sides. The humor is relentless so be prepared to laugh. I don’t suggest drinking a lot of fluids before hand.

No sooner than this film is released, Rachel must prepare for the release of another.

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