National Post: Control freak role was a mean feat for Rachel McAdams: The Two- Minute Interview

National Post
Published: May 5, 2004

As the blong queen in “Mean Girls”, Rachel McAdams is making a name for herself. She’s the 25-year-old actress who’s incredibly proud, but amazingly modest, about the glowing reviews she’s received playing a 17-year-old manipulative control freak.

Even better for McAdams, who grew up in St. Thomas, near London, Ont., is this: She probably won’t get hassled in public after playing the “meanest girl,” since she’s completely unrecognizable these days. McAdams has gone brunette for her latest part in The Wedding Crashers, currently shooting in L.A. with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. So what is her real hair colour? “I can’t remember,” says McAdams, chuckling. Not that it matters. She had changed it again for The Notebook, which will be out this summer and stars fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling.

Good stuff, but McAdams doesn’t take it for granted. She knows how fortunate she is, promptly landing a role when she moved to L.A. two years ago. “I was that self- absorbed cheerleader,” she says of The Hot Chick. “You know, the one.” Which means the hot one that switches bodies with Rob Schneider.

Before that, she was based in Toronto and had won a Genie for her part in Perfect Pie, the movie version of the Judith Thompson play. It was her first film role after graduating from York University with a degree in theatre arts.

For now she’ll be remembered as the meanest of the Mean Girls, a stark contrast to McAdams at St. Thomas Central Elgin high school. “I wasn’t a Queen Bee at all,” she says. “I was a jockette. I played volleyball and badminton and soccer. I guess I was a little nerdy, too. I was 18 before I went to my first party.” So when cast and crew shot Mean Girls in Toronto last year, did McAdams show them a good time, take them out clubbing? No, she didn’t, she says, admitting she’s “still sort of a nerd. I was a terrible tour guide. I mostly went home and had tea after work.”

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