The Arizona Daily Star: McAdams will need to get used to fame

The Arizona Daily Star
Published: July 12, 2004

For the record, [Ryan Gosling] and I are not dating,” [Rachel McAdams] said. “Girls should be relieved. Ryan is available.”

Such is the flirty chemistry between McAdams and Gosling in the film, though, that you can see why fans would get the idea something was going on offscreen. In a memorable scene, included in the movie’s trailer, Gosling’s character hangs by one arm from a Ferris wheel and threatens to let go unless [Allie] agrees to go out on a date.

McAdams was the antithesis of romance in “Mean Girls,” the second consecutive film, after “The Hot Chick” (2002), in which she played a beautiful but cruel, self-obsessed character. If McAdams appears grumpy onscreen as Regina, the high-school social-scene tyrant, it’s because she was going through a rough living situation during filming in Toronto this past winter.

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