Toronto Star: How sweet it is for film’s new ‘It Girl’ Rachel McAdams

Toronto Star
Published: July 11, 2004

Rachel McAdams is featured in the hot up-and-comer slot in last week’s People magazine.

She is so hot they have photographed her fully clothed in a hotel fountain.

They threw me in the fountain at the Four Seasons Hotel in L.A.,” she says laughing. “We got in trouble with the concierge.”

The Four Seasons folks forgave her enough to let her do press for her new film The Notebook in their suites here in Toronto.

McAdams is not the brassy blonde who switched bodies with Rob Schneider in The Hot Chick or the bitchy blonde who was meanest of Mean Girls or the strawberry blonde who bewitched Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. She is a newly minted brunette, a ringer for fellow Canuck Neve Campbell.

I dyed my hair for me,” she stresses. “I did it for me.”

She was raised in a small town near London, Ont., and graduated with an honours BFA degree in theatre at York University.

Her first professional gig was playing a girl with bulimia in the Disney series The Famous Jett Jackson. Indeed, she is as thin as a reed, despite a well-documented love for maple syrup.

She related to The Notebook, a lushly filmed romantic epic, when she read it. “I cried when I read it,” she confesses. “It’s a big, sweeping, epic love story and the biggest lead I’ve ever done. I’m a hopeless romantic; I’m a softie and smooshy inside. It’s a very honest and pure love story and they are not told as much as they should be – especially not in these times of action and animation. It’s time for a good, old-fashioned love story.”

Plus, she got to work with Sam Shepard, the thinking woman’s hottie, who plays the father of her character’s first and abiding love, Ryan Gosling.

I loooove Sam Shepherd,” she drawls. “He’s so sexy and he’s so himself. There is no pretence. He is calm and cool and easy.”

And he made her pancakes.

He and Ryan didn’t want to eat them,” she laughs. “Ryan, just to spite me, started shovelling them but I was more than happy to eat them. I love maple syrup. I went for the maple syrup. I’m such a sugar fiend I’m bouncing off walls. I agreed to do this movie for the maple syrup.”

Ironically, though McAdams and Gosling were born in the same hospital in London – St. Joe’s – they never met until they auditioned together.

He moved away and our paths never crossed,” she shrugs.

Both Gosling and McAdams were onscreen-sex virgins – this was the first time they had to make love on screen – but you’d never know it. They have great chemistry together.

Next up for McAdams, whom Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper has designated as “breakout performer of the year,” is The Wedding Crashers, in which she co-stars with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

We’re betting McAdams won’t wear such fabbo shoes as she did in Notebook, a great shoe movie. Alas, she didn’t get to keep them.

The next time, she’ll have that stipulated in her contract.

Right next to the clause about maple syrup.

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