Canada AM: New Romantic Film a Surefire Weeper

Canada AM
Published: July 6, 2004

Host(s): Seamus O’Regan

Guest(s): Rachel McAdams, Actor, “The Notebook”

O’REGAN: He wrote 365 letters. That is the line of the movie. He wrote her a letter every day for a whole year! And he was in war! Okay, I was a little emotionally involved, I think. But again, I think everybody in that theatre was. Boy, Rachel McAdams is here. You’re seeing her as Allie in the film there, “The Notebook”, which has made $30-million I think in the past two weeks. Here she is.

Great to see you.

McADAMS: Thank you. It’s good to be here.

O’REGAN: What a weeper of a movie, holy cow! When the film ended the credits started to come up and the lights came on, people bolted for that bathroom so nobody would see how puffy their eyes were.

McADAMS: I’ve heard some stories. I’ve heard about fits of laughter after the movie finishes because people are just looking around at all the dripping mascara. And yeah, it was great. At the premiere they handed out boxes of tissue. They looked like Pringles boxes. And you could hear at the end of the movie all these lids starting to pop off. And then it was great because at the end when everyone left you stood up and all you saw was tissue, tissue, tissue all over the theatre. So, yeah.

O’REGAN: Everybody needs a good weeper now and then, don’t they?

McADAMS: I think so, yeah. Yeah, definitely. Get it all out.

O’REGAN: It’s one thing to make a film, and then it’s quite another to see it and to see it put together. And what was your reaction? Did you need the kleenex? You did, too!

McADAMS: I can’t believe you’re going to put me on the spot like that. [laughs] I did. The first time it was hard to get carried away because, you know, you’re watching your work for the first time.

O’REGAN: Sure.

McADAMS: You know, you’d gone through this entire experience. And then that’s what it’s boiled down to, in two hours. But the second time Gena and James got —

O’REGAN: Oh, don’t even get me going. Gena Rowlands, James Garner. Because you don’t appear on screen with them. But their scenes, I think they’re going to get Oscar nominations out of this.

McADAMS: Yeah, they’re the clincher, for sure.

O’REGAN: You had amazing chemistry — to say you “worked with him” is ridiculous. You have amazing chemistry with Ryan Gosling, another fantastic Canadian actor. You’re both from the same hometown, huh?

McADAMS: Yeah, as far as I know, we were born in the same hospital.

O’REGAN: Well! On the same day?

McADAMS: [laughs] Wouldn’t that be great? No.

O’REGAN: Did you have the same drama teacher, for instance?

McADAMS: No. He moved away when he was young. He did “Mickey Mouse Club” and that sort of thing. And I didn’t start doing film and television until much later. I’d finished university here in Toronto. So, we have had entirely different lives, but started in the same place.

O’REGAN: But so much relies upon, you know, an actor’s always trying to develop this but it’s very difficult. Sometimes you have it or you don’t. When a couple appears on screen and that incredibly palatable chemistry just jumps right off. Did you know right away that it would happen? Is there a secret or did it just happen?

McADAMS: I think casting directors, it’s their job. I think there should be a casting director award. That should be something at the Oscars, I believe, because it does require a great deal of skill to get two people together —

O’REGAN: And you really like the casting director of this film.

McADAMS: [laughs] I really do.

O’REGAN: “Thank you for choosing me!”

McADAMS: I love her. Yeah. And it was very obvious in the audition as well. I mean, just something lifted off between — and Ryan was at the audition. That’s the other great thing. Nick and Ryan did like a tour of the country and thought it was important to be there in the room with the actors and to see the chemistry.

O’REGAN: Boy, it’s there.

McADAMS: And it was there.

O’REGAN: Boy, just one great scene after another. Rachel McADAMS, it is so great to meet you. I know we’re going to have you back. I hope that we will.

McADAMS: Yeah, please.

O’REGAN: But congratulations because I think this movie is going to be a big, big, big sleeper hit over the course of the summer. After you’ve seen “Spider-Man 2” three times in a row, go see “The Notebook”, please.

McADAMS: Yeah, you need a cry after all that action. [laughter]

O’REGAN: That’s right. Great to meet you.

McADAMS: Good to meet you.

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