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Daily Telegraph
Published: December 29, 2005

Rachel McAdams reckons she’s earned a holiday. After finishing five films in a little over a year and going from an unknown to one of Tinseltown’s hottest properties, it’s hard to disagree with her.

I just want to have a break,” she says. “I just feel I need to go home and with all the attention that came with these movies coming out I just want to be quiet for a minute, be grounded – hang out with my friends, ride my bike, just go about my business.”

To get an idea of just how busy the 27-year-old Canadian has been and how hot she is right now, you only need to look at the body of work she’s churned out.

The McAdams juggernaut began in June 2004 when she was one of the nasty schoolgirls in Mean Girls. In October that year we saw her star in hit romance The Notebook and by August 2005, she was Owen Wilson’s love interest in the comedy blockbuster Wedding Crashers.

A month later, McAdams was the tough terrorist-fighting hotel receptionist in the thriller Red Eye and on New Year’s Day, we’ll see her in the The Family Stone, opposite Sarah Jessica Parker.

But while Hollywood is abuzz and talking McAdams up as the next big thing, the self-deprecating actress is not getting carried away. She admits she has been fortunate and says she still gets starstruck, so much so that she was intimidated at her first cast reading for The Family Stone in front of her co-stars, Parker, Luke Wilson, Claire Danes and Diane Keaton.

I was just petrified, I couldn’t even speak to Diane Keaton – I don’t think I said hello properly,” McAdams says.

I don’t know how it came out but I’m sure it wasn’t good.

I thought, ‘How am I going to do this?’, but she’s so fabulous.

I was really nervous. I’m always really nervous.”

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