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The Post and Courier: ‘Notebook’ pivotal for McAdams

The Post and Courier Published: February 19, 2003 Consult the closest encyclopedia. Go ahead, we’ll wait. That’s it … Volume L. If a photo of Rachel McAdams does not adorn the entry for “lovely young actress,” return the book for a refund. It’s an absurd omission. All the hallmarks are there. The fresh face and …

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Seventeen: Hollywood Loves

Sventeen Published: January, 2003 A good high school transformation tale. Rachael Leigh Cook blossomed from nerdy painter to total babe in She’s All That. Anne Hathaway went from plain civilian to gorgeous royal in The Princess Diaries. Not bad results, huh? But in The Hot Chick, things don’t work out so well for actress Rachel …

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