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CineBlend: Eric Bana And Rachel McAdams Interview

Cineblend Published: August 16, 2009 Turns out there’s room for more than one good chick flick at the box office. Debuting with $19 million this weekend, even with Julie & Julia drawing in audiences, The Time Traveler’s Wife proved that, especially in the heat of August, lots of people are in the mood for a …

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CineBlend: Rachel McAdams Embraces Physical Comedy For Morning Glory

Cineblend Published: November 10, 2010 Regardless of how you feel about the fluffy and sunny new romantic comedy Morning Glory– I, for one, loved it– everyone agrees that Rachel McAdams is terrific in it, playing the goofy and determined and utterly endearing Becky Fuller, a TV producer given the break of a lifetime when she’s …

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