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Emanuel Levy: Morning Glory Interview

Emanuel Levy Published: November, 2010 Rachel McAdams stars as a struggling morning show producer in “Morning Glory,” directed by Roger Michell. The romantic comedy, which also stars Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, is being released by Paramount on November 10. “I think a lot of young people have had the experience where you come in …

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Emanuel Levy: Rachel McAdams Red Eye Interview

Emanuel Levy Published: August, 2005 “Rachel was the only actress we met with. She has a wonderful quality. She’s very beautiful, but at the same time very accessible.” –Producer Marianne Maddalena “I had seen Rachel in The Notebook and Mean Girls, and knew she was an actor of enormous range and great charisma, not to …

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Emanuel Levy: Time Travelers Wife, The: Interview with Actress Rachel McAdams

Emanuel Levy Published: August, 2009 Rachel McAdams plays Clare in “The Time Travelers Wife,” starring Eric Bana and directed by Robert Schwentke, which is released August 14, 2009 by New Line Cinema. Ups and Downs Rachel McAdams, who plays Clare in the romantic drama, observes, “A love story is more interesting when the two people …

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