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Paul Fisher: Rachel McAdams Consults Her Notebook on Romance

Paul Fischer Published: June, 2004 Beautiful star-on-the-rise Rachel McAdams says she has barely enough time for an off-screen love life, ironic, since we’re sitting down chatting about her starring role in the old-fashioned romantic drama The Notebook. Here, in this 1940s-set film, she and Ryan Gosling play a couple who are separated by World War …

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Paul Fisher: Rachel McAdams “Red Eye” Interview

Paul Fischer Published: August 15, 2005 Rachel McAdams is quietly and cheerfully philosophical when it comes to talking about her impending fame. Now that her recent Wedding Crashers is a bona fide hit, the beautiful actress, back on screen in Wes Craven’s Red Eye, says she is happy to take it as it comes. “I …

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Paul Fischer: Interview Rachel McAdams

Paul Fischer Published: June 29, 2005 Hollywood loves to promote its next big star, and beautiful Rachel McAdams seems to be on her way. Coming from The Hot Chick, McAdams proved she has what it takes, with strong performances in The Notebook and Mean Girls. But the Canadian-born actress prefers not to take the hype …

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