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SMH: Crime of Your Life

SMH Published: December 11, 2009 Sherlock Holmes faces the one woman who outwitted him, writes Donna Walker-Mitchell. Perhaps only true fanatics of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes crime-solving tales are acquainted with Irene Adler, an American opera singer with the distinction of being one of the few to outwit the brilliant 19th-century London detective. …

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SMH: Rachel McAdams gets crash course in Australian footy codes

SMH Published: October 29, 2009 A few years ago Canadian actress Rachel McAdams didn’t have a clue about Aussie rules and if you asked her about the South Sydney Rabbitohs her face would go blank. Today, thanks to Eric Bana and Russell Crowe, McAdams’ knowledge of AFL and rugby league is so good she could …

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SMH: A league of her own

SMH Published: May 10, 2009 It was an offer some women around the world would kill for a personal invitation from Russell Crowe to visit his Washington, DC hotel suite at three in the morning. Rachel McAdams, the beautiful Canadian actress with the sparkling grey-blue eyes, laughs as she recalls the invitation. But this is …

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