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Teen Vogue: Q+A with Makeup Artist Kayleen McAdams!

Teen Vogue Published: June 23, 2010 Let’s face it: Celebs don’t just roll out of bed looking red-carpet ready. Even the most glamorous of stars, like Rachel McAdams, need a little help primping for big events. Luckily for Rachel, she has talented makeup artist (and little sister!) Kayleen McAdams to help her achieve all of …

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Teen Vogue: Fashion at Work: Inside Jobs

Teen Vogue Published: 2007 Kayleen McAdams, Hollywood Makeup Artist “I come from a teeny–tiny town in Canada. Beauty just isn’t really something people do there,” notes Los Angeles makeup artist Kayleen McAdams, 25. Therefore, with the decidedly proper industries of law, medicine, or banking in mind, Kayleen went to college to study psychology. It took …

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