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The Globe and Mail: Rising star keeps her feet on the ground

The Globe and Mail Published: July 7, 2004 Gayle MacDonald finds Ontario actress and The Notebook star Rachel McAdams laughs off her newfound celebrity On screen, she’s played a cutthroat high-school sociopath (Mean Girls ). In The Hot Chick , she traded bodies with Rob Schneider and nailed the role of a bitchy, spoiled brat. …

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The Globe And Mail: Where Her Heart Is

The Globe And Mail Published: March 18, 2008 Canada’s Rachel McAdams is a real sucker for romance, and she’s at it again with her new release, Married Life. She may be one of Hollywood’s fastest-rising stars, but when it comes to choosing roles, her philosophy is simple: ‘When love isn’t involved, I’m not as interested‘ …

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