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I know that this website has been through a bunch of new owner’s lately. You may know my work from I want to thank Gertie for trusting me with this site. My friend is working on a new layout for me. :) So in the meantime I am working on organizing the gallery and getting it up-to-date. I’m really excited to start work here. So please keep visiting. There is much more to come.

Sexiest Women in the World for 2008

FHM Online revealed ‘Sexiest Women in the World for 2008’ list:

87. Madonna
88. Shamron Moore
89. Rachel McAdams
90. Summer Glau
91. Ashley Collette

TheCinemaSource.Com Interview

Thanks Dan Deevy for e-mailing me about this interview:

The lovely Rachel McAdams has returned! The Hollywood golden girl has been decidedly absent from the big screen after gigantic hits like Mean Girls, The Notebook and Red Eye shot her to stardom in 2004 and 2005. Taking a step back from the spotlight was a risk, but it just goes to show that McAdams is not slave to Hollywood. She’ll take things at her own pace, make her own decisions, and come out better in the long run. This month, she reenters the movies with a reinvigorated turn in the new mature relationship drama Married Life.

“The break was really great,” she says. “Married Life—I felt really inspired working with [director] Ira [Sachs]. He was very gentle and very kind and very supportive and I just felt reignited. Sometimes after a project you’re just completely spent but I was just ready to do more after this experience.”

McAdams enters a room with the same grace, poise, and romantic spirit we have come to know through her films. She’s soft-spoken and gracious, proud of her Canadian heritage, and genuinely excited to work on projects that inspire her. With her newly shortened, brown hair pinned up in loose curls, a stylish little-black-dress and a phenomenal pair of strappy heels, McAdams seems ready to once again take the movie industry by storm.

Her current look is almost completely opposite from the platinum blonde woman of the 1940’s she plays in Married Life. Kay is a young widow who finds herself torn between two older men—Harry (Chris Cooper), a smitten married man, and Richard (Pierce Brosnan), a fun-loving cad who also happens to be Harry’s best friend.

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