Family & Friends

During her many years in the spotlight, Rachel has amazing family & friends who support every step of her career. Most of the time Rachel brings along her family and or friends to important events in her life, although most of the time they keep low-key during premieres, TV appearances and other public outings.

Lance & Sandra McAdams

Lance and Sandra McAdams gave birth to Rachel, Kayleen and Daniel and are currently living in Toronto. Rachel sees her parents as great example: “they’ve been together so long, and they’re still so very much in love“. Lance works as a truck driver and Sandra as a nurse. At an early age Rachel got interested in theater, she attended a theater summer camp from the age of 12, and her parents thought she had a flair for drama: “My parents always thought I had a flair for drama. They said: “She’s going to be an actress or lawyer, for sure.” (instyle)

“They believe you can learn just as much from your children as you can teach them.”
Rachel McAdams on her parents (Elle Magazine)

Both Lance and Sandra never expected for Rachel to get famous, it was “surreal“, but becoming famous was not the aim Rachel was raised with. Her mother Sandra says: “We’ve always known that our kids were going to be great great people, not so much fame-wise, but caring, compassionate, contributing citizens and that’s sort of what we have raised them to be, that kind of people.” (Canoe). One time during a fan encouter a fan told Rachel to never change because she was so humble and down-to-earth, her mother responded with “Rachel will never change“. (Grandbendstrip)

Lance and Sandra never actually walked the red carpet with Rachel, but if you keep your eyes open you will see them standing in the background to support Rachel. We spotted them during several events, including “The Time Traveler’s Wife” premiere (August 12, 2009 | view images), “The Lucky Ones” Toronto International Film Festival premiere (September 10, 2008 | view images) and most recently while watching “The Passion” in Port Talbot (April 2011 | view images).

The McAdams family (Lance, Sandra, Daniel and his girlfriend, Kayleen and Rachel) were seen during a game of the NHL Stanley Cup (June 8, 2011 | view images). Rachel even appeared on the came, which they temporarily called the ‘Rachel McAdams Cam’ (view video).

Kayleen McAdams

“Rachel is the most open, warm, inviting person. When she meets anyone, she makes them feel special.”
Kayleen Madams on Rachel (Instyle)

Kayleen is Rachel’s younger sister who currently lives in LA were she works as a make-up artist. She is represented by The Wall Group and her favorite client is of course Rachel herself. Kayleen created a lot of red carpet looks for Rachel and worked with make-up artist on set of Rachel’s movie “The Lucky Ones” and “Married Life“. Her visited to the set of “The Notebook” inspired Kayleen to peruse a career as an make-up artist.

Kayleen is often Rachel’s date for the red carpet and goes along with her during press days. She recently joined Rachel and the “Morning Glory” cast and crew during the European Press Tour (January 2011). Other events included The Toronto Film Festival (September 2008 | view images) and The Academy Oscar Vanity Fair after party (March 2010 | view images).

Daniel McAdams

Daniel is Rachel’s younger brother and he currently lives in Toronto were he shares a house with Rachel: “I live in an old house that’s kind of falling apart, but that’s just my taste“. (Marie Claire) Rachel brought her brother Daniel as date for the red carpet of the “Married Life” Toronto International Film Festival premiere (September 2007 | view images). Other events included the “Wedding Crashers” premiere (July 2005 | view images) and they were seen out & about in LA (February 2008 | view images).

Rachel, Kayleen and Daniel all worked at the McDonald’s in Toronto when they were younger as a summer job. Rachel looks back on her childhood: “I lived in a little town, the type of place where the mayor also bags your groceries. I still don’t live in L.A. or New York. I had a small-town life — I worked at the local McDonald’s for three years.” (T Magazine)

Family Quotes

“My parents were so supportive. They believe you can learn just as much from your children as you can teach them. They’re getting more and more environmentally minded because that’s where my interests lie” […] I bought my dad a composter for Christmas. He’s so excited—’I can’t wait until spring and I can turn my composter!’ It’s so cute.”
Rachel McAdams on her parents (Elle Magazine)


Rachel co-founded the website with her friends Didi & Megan. Rachel met Megan during the filming of “The Hot Chick” and stayed in touch ever since. Megan currently lives in LA, and Rachel always meets up with her if she is there. She recently brought Megan with her to the European “Morning Glory” Press tour (January 2011). Other events included the Ave Q performance (March 2011 | view images) and out & about in LA (December 2009 | view images).

Rachel met Didi via mutual friends and all 3 of them soon found out their passion and interest for the environment. Didi currently lives in New York. “We wanted to show people what they can do and not talk about what they’ve done wrong. So we wanted a positive spin and we also wanted to be cheeky.” says Did about (Green living)

Rachel is also friends with Canadian actress Zoie Palmer who also went to York University. Rachel and Zoie both graduated in 2001. They both attended an Art fundraiser event in 2008 and did a joint interview. Rachel was seen visiting Zoie on set of the series “The Guard“.

Tennille Rose Will is Rachel’s childhood friend and she came out to support Rachel during a special screening in Toronto of “The Notebook” (July 22 | view images). We also spotted her shopping with Rachel in London while Rachel was filming “Sherlock Holmes“. (December 2008 | view images) Rachel often invites her friends to come visited her on set or during other press activities. In her free time she “mostly spends time with friends and family.” (AP)