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2001: The Famous Jett Jackson
Her first on-screen television appearances was in early 2001 in “The Famous Jett Jackson“.

2001: York University’s Fourth-Year production
During the fourth year production Professor David Rotenberg decided to showcase her talent as a lead in “Frank Wedekind’s Lulu“. Professor Rotenberg recalls: “I decided to showcase her with a lead in Frank Wedekind’s Lulu for our fourth-year production. I saw something extra special there. I called a few agents beforehand and suggested they come out to the performance. They all rushed up to talk to me after seeing her.” During her time in University she already done some work on television series and film.

1995: Ontario Showcase
Rachel won her first acting award during the Ontario Showcase of the Sears Drama Festival in 1995 for her role in the high school play “I Live In A Little Town“. McAdams had not planned to pursue acting beyond her high school graduation in 1997, but thanks to the encouragement of a teacher, she entered the Drama program at York University in Toronto.