Name Analysis

A lot of people believe that the name a person is given, guides them to who they become. There is even a number of sources to find out exactly what your name means. We made an analysis of Rachel Anne McAdams, which is her full name.


• The name Rachel is pronounced RAY-chel.
• The name is of Hebrew origin and the meaning of Rachel is “ewe” which is “female sheep“.
• In the biblical context Rachel was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. She was also the favorite and second wife of Jacob.

As Rachel someone is a rather serious-minded, responsible, and stable person. She has a serious desire to understand the heart and mind of everyone, and could be very effective in a career or in volunteer work where you are handling people and serving in a humanitarian way. The name gives a love of home and family, and as a parent you would likely be fair and understanding. It creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions. This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid systems, and worry or mental tension.


• The name is a variant of Ann (Hebrew) and Hannah (Hebrew), “He (God) has favored me”.

As Anne someone is an intellectual, you have a deep appreciation for art, music, literature, and all the phenomena of nature. Anne express her thoughts and feelings best through writing rather than verbally.